Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cold Wars Loot!

Hey all!

Well, I thought I'd finally share my Cold Wars swag!

Overall I was very happy with my purchases.  At the top is part of a last minute purchase... I picked up a small collection of Battle Valour 15mm Fantasy figures... namely, a little dwarf force!  I don't know why... the figures were just SO pretty that I really wanted to do a collection!  So far I've painted a few... we'll see how long it takes to paint them all!

At the flea market was someone selling terrain in little plastic bags.  I got these palm trees for my naval game...

... these orchard trees for my 10mm Napoleonics...

And these bushy grasses for... well, for whatever!:)

I picked up the Seven Samurai pack that Roly Hermans painted up... I intend to do a little scene with them, and only paint them in black and white.  We'll see how they look!

I also got this nice little dock from

Here it is on the table!

The guys over at do great stuff, and there is literally no better deal than their giant bin of stuff!  Everything above cost about three bucks!

And finally I picked up a few random dice for my son's card game, some grassy clumps, a bit of silver paint, and some random bases from Gale Force 9, in case I need them!

Overall, a great few days of buying!

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