Thursday, January 21, 2021

A new game in town... Blitz Bowl!


Hey all!

Well, I happened to be hanging around Barnes and Noble this holiday season, having gotten a bunch of Barnes and Noble gift cards as gifts, thinking about what to buy.  I wandered over to the game section, and I saw something called... "Blitz Bowl?"  What the heck is Blitz Bowl?  It LOOKED like Blood Bowl, and was made by GW... so a little poking around revealed that it was a NEW game, a joint venture with B&N and GW, that was basically a Blood Bowl Lite game that gamers seemed to LOVE!

So, a bunch of gift cards later... voila, eight Blitz Bowl teams for my son and I to play with!

He also did some painting, and man, for a nine year old, they turned out AMAZING!

We are in the second round of our first eight team tournament... we are keeping track of TDs with hash marks on bases (red means a game winning TD)... so far in the round of four it is Dwarves vs Chaos and Halflings vs Skaven... we'll see how it goes!

Anyway... here are some photos!  First up is the halfling team!

Here is the Khorne team.

And here are the Dwarves...

Here is the Undead team, painted by my son!

The Nurgle team, also painted by my son.

And the Human team, painted by my son!

And here is the Wood Elf team!

And finally, the Skaven, with an added Rat Ogre I had lying around:)