Wednesday, December 28, 2016

40mm AWI Artillery

Hey all!

Well, as part of my son's Christmas gifts, I painted up some artillery for his 40mm AWI armies!

Now, I have to say... I had a hard time finding uniform references for the artillery... it looked like the Americans and British artillery had nearly the same darn uniform!  I made the Americans a bit more of a mix (pants a bit of a mix, no hats on two guys) just so he could more easily tell the difference.

Overall they turned out very nicely (although the pictures aren't very flattering... after all these years I am STILL struggling to take the perfect picture!)  Next up, a bit of scenery for the boy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Christmas Gift: A Brown Bess!

Hey all!

Well, thanks to an overly-generous set of in laws and parents, I picked up a pretty cool Christmas gift... a Pedersoli Brown Bess!

I was very happy to get this guy... the gun that basically won the British Empire.  Given how many theaters it saw action in, I figured it would be a GREAT addition to the war room!

Above you can see a shot of the lock... it is a very pretty gun.

Here is the bayonet, with the scabbard.

Hard to get the whole thing in the photo at once, but here is another view.  The strap just finishes the gun... without the strap, it just doesn't look right!

Anyway, thought I would share the neat new addition to the war room.  There is actually another piece on the way, but I'll share that when it arrives:)

I do have more toy soldier stuff on the way... sorry the blog has been so quiet of late, there ARE things getting painted!  The son got some new AWI stuff that I'll post in the nearer future...

Thanks for coming by, and Happy Holidays, all!