Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Viking objective... sheep!

Hey all!

Okay, I know I mentioned I had a lot... well, here is the latest!

I know it seems silly, but I've had these sheep hanging around for a LONG time... leftovers from a pack I bought for the 25mm Napoleonic Russians, which I bought only for the dog.  So I finally decided to do what I had wanted to do for a while... use them as objective markers for my Vikings!

So here they are!  I didn't go with the traditional white sheep, because I figured they should look a little more accurate (although I was sorely tempted!)  I did one large base and two smaller, because I thought that would be fairly useful.  I think overall they turned out pretty well!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Reworked 15mm Abrams tank

Hey all!

Well, I did a little bit of work on my Abrams to try to spice it up a bit.

First, and most importantly, with the help of a buddy of mine we added a driver!  He is a Flames of War German, with some goggles made out of green stuff.  We picked a guy who looked like he could be yelling into his comms, covering his other ear so he can hear.  I added a hatch, cut out of an old credit card, and then painted it all up, and voila!  It scales it quite nicely.

Then I painted the black between the bars of the rack on the turret, and did a little more brush work on some of the stowage... overall, I think it is looking better and better, which is good because I've never really been happy with how it looks:(

Anyway... thanks for taking a peek!

Some cars for the 15mm moderns

Hey all!

Well, thanks to a buddy of mine, I have a few cars for the 15mm Moderns!

Now, because my table/game basically works one block at a time, you don't need many cars to make it look pretty full.

So he gave me four (out of a bag of like 50 cars... he is doing his table on a FAR larger scale!) and one night we hung out and painted them up!

We did two cars that are basically in good shape.  One, a white one, is a bit beat up, with a replaced front fender in a different color.  The other is a nice looking blue car, whose owner apparently really pissed someone off, judging by the bullet holes through the windshield!

We also did two destroyed cars.  One had taken a few bullets to it... maybe someone was talking cover?  The other is a straight wreck.

Here is a shot of some Americans moving up the street past one of the cars... overall, I think they look great!

Next up I'll share some other goodies my buddy donated to my little set-up... having a buddy who donates random awesome stuff is a pretty sweet deal!:D

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A new project; a 28mmFrench army retreating from Moscow!

Hey all!

I know that the blog has been super quiet recently, although actually I've gotten a ton done... new moderns stuff, some new Armada stuff, and even some stuff for my Vikings!  I just haven't gotten to take photos and post them!

Having said that, I DID just purchase the materials for a new project that I am SUPER excited for!

So, soon to begin?  My "Retreat from Moscow" project!

Done using the fantastic 28mm Perry Twins "Retreat from Moscow" line, I will be doing a small army to represent my own 28mm French army as it would have look retreating after Napoleon's disastrous march into Russia.

Since it is supposed to represent my own current army on the retreat, base sizes and movement tray sizes will be the same as my main French army.  Right now I am planning for three units of infantry (half of what my current French army has) with a screening base of light infantry for each one.  I will have a single unit of cavalry, although only three will be mounted... there will be a few dismounted cavalry and a dead horse to fill out the movement tray.  I will also do two of the sleds.  No artillery, as the guns would have been left behind.

I'll be focusing a great deal on the modeling of this project... lots of dead and dying scattered around, scavengers... the whole nine yards.  The infantry units will be guys in line because I DO want to make sure they are game-able (even though I never game with my 28s!)  But still, I want them to look NICE... time to work on my snow scatter technique!

Anyway, as I get the figures based up I'll post a bit more of the specifics... but I am looking forward to the project!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Another shot of the room...

Thought I would post a random panoramic shot of the wargames room that I took one night during some video game time.  I love my room... Just need more folks who game!:)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lots of Armada Rogues and Villains, and a Shuttle!

Hey all!

Okay, I got a few more Armada squadrons painted up, and FINALLY got some photos!

First up... a shuttle, courtesy of Mels Minis on Shapeways!  I have to think a bit about rules for it...

Next up, the Aggressor, IG-88s ship, and the Punishing One, Dengar's ship!

Here is Outrider, flown by Dash Rendar.

And finally, here is Nym's Havoc, with one or two finishing touches left to do!

Hope everyone enjoys!