Tuesday, December 12, 2023

For Sale! Marvel Crisis Protocol and unpainted Tyranids


Hi, all!

Just wanted to share… I’m selling a bunch of crisis protocol figures, and some assembled and primed tyranids, all cheap!

Here are the Marvel figures…

And here are the hormagaunts!

Friday, October 6, 2023

Mythic Games, who make Monsterpocolypse and 6: Siege and Darkest Dungeon, are running a damn scam


It’s been a while.  I’m still here, and still making games, and still gaming… in fact, I’ve got some SUPER cool stuff in the pipeline!

But right now… I want to talk about the assholes over at Mythic Games.

So they are running a Kickstarter for their game Monsterpocolypse, a game they released some time ago but I guess are redoing.

I thought it looked awesome, and my son loves Kong and Godzilla, so I pledged a pretty big pledge of almost $250.  Now, I’m an elementary school teacher, and that’s a HUGE amount of money for me.

Now YEARS have gone by, and apparently they are just… not doing it. They are using the money raised to make OTHER games for other customers, and will not issue a refund.

That’s a damn scam, and honestly, it is goddamn disgusting.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

My custom Blitz Bowl pitch!

Hey all!

Well, around the holidays I was at Barnes and Noble and wandered into the games section, only to find my latest game... Blitz Bowl!  It is a simplified version of Blood Bowl, created in partnership with Barnes and Noble, meant to introduce casuals to the GW series of games.  But I'll be honest, it is a crap ton of fun and really much more suited to playing with my son!

So I decided to buy up a bunch of teams... and one thing led to another... and now I've got 17 teams painted up, and we are playing 16 team tournaments (the previous winner gets to sit out the tourney and enjoy the good life!) and loving it!

But the thing is... it is a project.  And I don't tackle a project without some ideas for how to elevate it, and some ideas how to create something.  

And I knew, RIGHT from the start, that I wanted to do a custom pitch for Blitz Bowl.

   Now, I had seen some that people had already done, and it didn't seem too complicated... I wasn't going to reinvent the wheel.  I had seen some that people had done that I liked, so I figured I'd sort of replicate that.  I knew I wanted the trap doors to be able to be switched around so the board could be reconfigured, and that I wanted to make some statues and the like to create obstacles.  And I knew I wanted to use cork for the floors... in fact, that is how I based my figures from the very start, so they would match!  Once I had that set... I figured I might as well get to it!

So here is the pitch!  The shot at the top of this post is of the board set up with the two trapdoor/four obstacle setup... then the photo just above this one is of the two obstacle/center trapdoor layout.

Now, obviously I needed benches for both sides... they are not attached, so they can be moved around.

Here is bench number one, occupied at the moment by the Imperial Nobility team.  I added a clipboard and ball to the bench for detail.

And here is bench #2, also with a backup ball, and a medical kit.

Here are some action shots!  In this one, the expansion Dark Elves drive the ball right into the Dwarf end zone.

Here the Halflings (winners of Blitz Bowl III!) go up against one of the expansion teams, the Black Orcs.

The Wardancer goes right at the Orc thrower.  In this shot you get a better look at the 3x2 obstacles, which I am not SOLD on yet... I may do something different?

The expansion Ogres take the fight to the Lizardmen, who definitely won't back down!

Now obviously you need a score tracker, and I wasn't totally sure how I wanted to do that at first.  But then I realized that I could probably get plates made at the local trophy shop, and those worked out adequately well.

Here you can see the bare pitch, with the five floor tiles that are removable taken out.

Here they are, replaced in the two trapdoor mode.  I can also do the single trapdoor mode.

So overall I'm super happy with how it turned out.  My son and I are playing Blitz Bowl V, and are currently playing the Sweet Sixteen... here is to a lot of excitement, and blood!:)


Sunday, March 7, 2021

My latest Blitz Bowl team is nearing completion...


Here they are... an Imperial Nobility team!

Have to do their coin, marker, and their balls!

Just another... six, I think... teams to go?

Some 15mm Old West miniatures

Hey all! 

Well, I started up a new project... a 15mm Old West collection!

I won't write too much right now (I actually wrote a short article that I hope may find its way into Wargames Illustrated...?) but I did want to take some photos and share them!

These first few shots are from a game my son and I played... it was a very near thing!  This was my gang moving up into town, where my son had holed up in the saloon!

And here are some shots of the individual cowboys (dismounted and mounted), a bad NPC gang, and my civilians!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

A new game in town... Blitz Bowl!


Hey all!

Well, I happened to be hanging around Barnes and Noble this holiday season, having gotten a bunch of Barnes and Noble gift cards as gifts, thinking about what to buy.  I wandered over to the game section, and I saw something called... "Blitz Bowl?"  What the heck is Blitz Bowl?  It LOOKED like Blood Bowl, and was made by GW... so a little poking around revealed that it was a NEW game, a joint venture with B&N and GW, that was basically a Blood Bowl Lite game that gamers seemed to LOVE!

So, a bunch of gift cards later... voila, eight Blitz Bowl teams for my son and I to play with!

He also did some painting, and man, for a nine year old, they turned out AMAZING!

We are in the second round of our first eight team tournament... we are keeping track of TDs with hash marks on bases (red means a game winning TD)... so far in the round of four it is Dwarves vs Chaos and Halflings vs Skaven... we'll see how it goes!

Anyway... here are some photos!  First up is the halfling team!

Here is the Khorne team.

And here are the Dwarves...

Here is the Undead team, painted by my son!

The Nurgle team, also painted by my son.

And the Human team, painted by my son!

And here is the Wood Elf team!

And finally, the Skaven, with an added Rat Ogre I had lying around:)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Some random 10mm Napoleonic eye candy...

Hi all!

Thought I would just share a few bits of eye candy from a recent photo session... always love to look at oodles of toy soldiers!:)