Saturday, August 28, 2010

400th post, and 200,000th visitor!

... all in one go!

Anyway, I hope that this blog has given people PLENTY of eye candy to waste time at work or late at night with... and hopefully there will be lots to come!:)

If you are fairly new here, please do make sure to go back and take a look; there are a LOT of photos buried in this blog over the last few years... lots of fun stuff!:D

Best wargames magainze?

Hey all!

I just re-upped my subscription to Wargames Illustrated.  Got my two nice sets of minis (Armisted at Gettysburg and Napoleon resting at Borodino or wherever it was.)

I did want to ask, though... are there other wargames magazines out there that people enjoy more?  I don't really game at all, so the Flames of War focus that Battlefront has in Wargames Illustrated is a touch wasted on me...

So... any suggestions?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hm, a rules thought...

Howdy all,

Well, I am currently playing some Brigades and Bearskins (my homegrown 10mm Napoleonic rules) and have found something I am not sure about.

Basically, battalions take damage.  They can take up to four points of damage.  These points don't destroy the unit.  Instead, when units are engaged they take "Steady!" tests, which are basically morale tests.  If they fail once they are shaken; fail twice, and they rout.  Damage subtracts from that roll.

So... if a French line battalion in column (3+ to pass the steady test, modified to 2+ for being in column) is engaged in combat, it has a 1 in 6 chance of becoming shaken.  If it has taken 2 points of damage (halfway to max damage) it has a 1 in 2 chance of being shaken.

Now the question is this:

At the end of each turn, a battalion which is basically safe (far from enemy, unengaged, etc) can attempt to recover.  On a roll of a 6 (or sometimes 5+ or 4+) it regains one lost damage point.

AS IT STANDS NOW, a unit CANNOT recover "Steady" status.  Once a unit has failed a "Steady!" test it stays shaken for the rest of the battle, making it a bit fragile.

I am wondering if I should say that a unit can recover EITHER damage points OR Steady status, if it was already Shaken.

Should units be able to recover their steady status?  If a unit is shaken, should it be able to compose itself and return to fresh, ready-to-rumble condition?  Or should it still remain somewhat fragile... while recovering damage points make it less likely to Rout in future steady tests, it is still a somewhat fragile unit?


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The opening turns of my 10mm Nappy game

Hey all!

Well, I am several turns into my latest 10mm Napoleonic game, and thought I would share a few photos!

The one above is how things have been left... I'll take you through a few of the moments that lead up to it:)

Here you can see the French troops redeploying towards the center of the field.  The French general wanted to avoid attacking the chateau and long wall of the orchard, as they were flanked by a nasty stone wall field.  Instead he will try to circle ALL the way around the table and attack the orchard and chateau from the unprotected side.  It will be a long walk there...  the French cavalry has already crossed the river in an attempt to get to the British artillery, which took the surprising action of unlimbering and trying for a few shots at the dense French forces.

Here is a shot of the French cavalry going after the British artillery.  The British cavalry, although outnumbered, managed to hit the Frenchmen before they could get to the guns... however, would they really be able to see the larger French force off?

French troops advance to protect a battery of artillery that sped ahead... maybe too far ahead, especially given that the infantry commander paused his men for a few minutes to ensure that he was supposed to advance that far!  Possibly a costly mistake...

The British cavalry commander sees the French artillery possibly vulnerable and quickly orders his brigade across the fields towards the French guns... can he get there before the French infantry can protect the cannon?

The French artillery opens fire, thinking themselves safe from the distant English cavalry...

... but they aren't.  The British cavalry make a daring charge forward, knowing that they have only one chance (one that will require some pretty nifty die rolls) to get to the French artillery and take it out!

The British cavalry catches the French battery and slaughters them, as the French infantry nearby arrive just a minute too late, forming square in order to at least protect themselves and the second French battery.  It seems the British will get away with their daring move!

Picton returns to the orchard to organize the defense of the chateau after personally ensuring the cavalry follows orders... the brigade commander is a rather incompetent fellow, who even ordered his troops out of the cover of the orchard and started to cross the steam in order to support the British cavalry... which did NOT need any support from slow moving infantry who were too far away!

Thoughts on Morale?

Hey all!

I am playing a game of 10mm Napoleonics using my house rules, Brigades and Bearskins!

I am still making changes as I go (for example, I am changing the charge mechanic, and changing how officers move a bit) but one thing that I think needs work is the MORALE.

At the end of each round, brigades that are in combat must take morale tests to see if they are starting to waver.  They roll on 1d6.

Right now, British units that are unharmed and otherwise neutral pass on a 2+.  French troops and Brunswickers pass on a 3+.  This counts for ALL troops; infantry, cavalry, etc.

There ARE modifiers... elites get a +1 on their role, troops in column get a +1... units that have taken damage get a minus, up to a max of -4.

So, right now I am wondering if my basic morale stats are good!

What do folks think?  What should the morale of British cavalries be?  What about Frenchies? 

ANY advice or suggestions are welcome!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The table is set for the next 10mm Napoleonic game

Hey all!

Well, I set the table up for the next 10mm Napoleonic game.

I based it on the last set-up, so I wouldn't have to tear the whole thing down... changed around some fields, lay down some more... moved some woods, took away some hills and the fortifications, and moved the chateau and some buildings.

The game is two divisions per side, with five brigades total per side.

The French rolled a larger force with more elites (including an entire elite brigade) and one extra foot artillery battery.  The British have fewer infantry (although they also have an elite brigade) and artillery but one brigade of cavalry more, so they will have to use the cavalry to really harass the French, to try to force the French to keep infantry back to protect their flanks and the artillery.

Above is the French force.  Four brigades of infantry, one large brigade of cavalry, and two batteries of artillery.  However, thanks to the deployment roll, they all enter in the same place, which will give the British plenty of time to pound on them with artillery and move while the French try to unravel their traffic jam.

Above is the larger of the two British divisions... one large brigade of cavalry and two brigades of infantry.  While smaller than the equivalent French divisions, the British got a good deployment roll, and will likely try to occupy the chateau and orchard.  They can then use their cavalry to sweep around the flank, through the fields and over the stream in an attempt to force the French to send troops that way to defend them.  I may, in retrospect, make a change in deployment and put BOTH British cavalry brigades in this division... they can then BOTH be used on this much-more-open flank and take the division commander with them to ensure they stay in command, leaving one brigade of infantry behind to hold the chateau.  Brigades holding a building will simply hold if they fail their Command rolls, which is just fine for these guys!

Above is the smaller British division.  They will likely move sideways towards the chateau, although the idea of holding the bridge to their front while their artillery pounds the French is hard to pass up... although they might get simply overwhelmed.  We'll see what happens.

Above is a shot of the bridge and center of the field (the smaller British division is JUST out of the shot to the left, and you can see the start of the French.)  There will likely be a lot of movement through here, through the woods, and around through the dark plowed field.

So... that's the setup!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vikings on the table

Hey all,

Well, the table is cleaned off and ready for the next 10mm Napoleonic game... I am not sure if I will put out the 25mm Nappys, but I think I will once the table is cleared...

In the meantime, here are my 25mm Vikings!

I took a few separate photos of them.

First I took an overall photo.

Then I took two photos of the warriors with the captains... a group of four warriors per captain.

Finally I took a photo of the commander with the four berzerkers.

Overall I think they look awful good!  I still haven't done the eyes on the captains or 3 of the berzerkers... I am an idiot for not having done it yet:)  I'll do it when I get the next group of 25mm Nappy Brits done.

Oh, and speaking of 25mm Nappy Brits...

Some table and shelf photos

Hey all!

Well, my work is basically complete!  The deck is powerwashed and stained, the bathroom is painted, and the other bathroom floor has been installed!

So... while I do have to do a bit of work work this week, I also get to relax!

Step one was re-arranging the shelves of the toy soldier cabinets a bit.

Next I think I am going to strip the table down of the 10mm Nappies... the current game sort of stalled, I don't remember where I left off, and frankly it isn't interesting to me!

So, I think I am going to take all the troops off.  Then I think I might do a few photos of the whole 25mm Napoleonic collections, and maybe a few of some skirmish shots.

Then I think I'll set up another 10mm Nappy game and play!  If anyone in the Northern NJ area wants to come by, lemme know! :D

Painting wise, I think I need to touch up some figures (a French jacket from ages ago, the Austrian pioneer aprons) and then I think I'll knock out some Perry Brits... then, back to the Vikings.

Anyway, just a few shelf photos and a table shot because I had the camera out...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few close-ups of the finished Russian piece

Hey all!

FINALLY finished this (in between powerwashing and restaining the deck, reflooring one bathroom, and repainting another) and thought I would post a few photos.  I'll get more of the finished piece later... I am much happier with it, actually... amazingly, the placement of the bushes needed changing and the new spots compliment the piece MUCH better!

Gotta say, close-ups of figures REALLY makes you insecure...:D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The old school 15mm ACW... sell a collection?

Howdy all!

Well, I want to clear a bit of shelf space, as things are getting a little tight, so I am taking the old school 15mm ACW figures I have on a shelf off.  While I love the figures, they are really in a prime spot (the best lit cabinet on the eye level shelf) and I want to use that space for other figures... probably my 25mm Austrians and maybe my new Vikings.  So... away they go!

This got me thinking about my old school collection (pictured right)... it is about 48 units of four stands apiece, plus cavalry, artillery, commanders, and the rest... I honestly have an absolute TON of them... and I do wonder... should I sell them?  I mean, I don't really NEED the money, or NEED the space, but I COULD use the money for other stuff... I wonder how much I would get for them?  They are painted and based to a basic wargaming standard... would anyone be interested?  And would I regret losing figures I've had since high school, and who allow me to field absolutely HUGE Civil War armies when combined with my more recent work?

The Results of the Favorite Blog post; lotsa links!

Hey all!

Well, I finally went through and gathered some of the recommendations from the "Favorite Blogs" post.  I didn't have time to do them all, so I didn't include a few that either were about periods I know little about or maybe don't have as many posts as the others, but please don't be offended if I didn't include your choice!:D

Also, if you have any others to suggest, please let me know... maybe I'll keep updating this!

In the meanwhile, enjoy!

Tarleton's Quarter -one of my favorites, with a wonderfully large collection of toys.

MacPhee's Miniature Men - another of my favorites; simple yet beautiful paintjobs!

Quindia Studios - not a TON of posts, but some beautifully painting minis.

Saxon Dog - Again, not a ton of posts, but some nicely painted figures, especially the Vikings.

Olicanadad's Games - Lots of Punic Wars/Crusades/War of the Roses sort of stuff, with nice sized game reports!

Carmen's Fun Painting Time - Features mainly larger-scale single minis, including some Samurai and Cowboys.

Der Alte Fritz Journal - at this point I am sure everyone knows this one, if not for the Teddy Bear wars then for something else:)

Harness and Array - a smaller blog with lots of swords and shields.

WAB Corner - LOTS of different toys to look at, from Napoleonics to Samurai.

Roundwood's World - ANOTHER blog that may be short on entries but has some GREAT scenery, especially the modern stuff.

Conquering the Lead Mountain - everything from Fantasty to Napoleonics, all very nicely painted.

Matakishi's Tea House - a RIDICULOUS number of projects, including some REALLY far out stuff.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okay, a slightly better (?) photo...

Still not totally happy with it, but... not quite sure why I don't love it.  It feels... I don't know... busy in a bad way?  I feel distracted when I look at it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a few more touches, and voila!

Slowly but surely getting there... still some detail work to do, and a little finishing, but they are almost done... not TOTALLY blown away by the whole thing, but overall I think it is solid.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Russian centerpiece almost done...

Hey all!

Well, I settled on a design with some help, and got a lot of work done... making a base like this, magnitized, takes a few minutes!:)  However, overall I think it will look VERY nice.

A few things left to do (Russian officers hat and a few other details, dipping the Crates and Barrels, and then grassing and bushing... and voila!  When it is finally done I'll also do some shots of the two centerpieces together!

Hope everyone is enjoying it so far... I am not sure if I have seen the Perry figures used much, and I don't think for this, so it is nice to think it is somewhat original!:D

Okay, I may have it settled...


I think this might be the final set-up... a little variation of #5.  I don't adore that you are facing the Russian officers back, but honestly just seeing the two officers in profile isn't any better, and I DO like the French officer quite a bit.

Sooo... I think this is how it will go... a few bushes to be added, and maybe a path and sandy area near the boxes and barrels.  Looking good?

Okay; here are some options for this base; help needed!

Howdy all.

Okay... I put together a couple of options for the base.

I am really unsure here... I have a lot of questions!

Should the prisoners be "in the open" or should they be near the wall, or should they be near barrels or boxes?  Should the guards near the officer interrogation scene both be next to the French officer (to prevent him from doing anything) or near the Russian officer (to protect him) or one and one?  Which direction should the officers be facing? Should the two walking guards be assigned one per base of French prisoners?  ArrgghgghhhhhHhddhdhhh!!!

Here are some photos:

Okay, here is #1 (above)  No wall, prisoners are more in the open, one guard per group, one guard near the French officer, one not really.  You can see the four "background" pieces I have here, although the stacked muskets are not in this shot.

#2: Officer being interrogated near the wall, to show that the Russian officer wants to be in cover of some sorts in some way.  Both standing guards are guarding the French officer.  The officers have also been twisted so that the Russian has his back to the viewer (the French officer is very nicely painted.)

#3 is just like #2; however, I replaced the wall behind the officers with boxes, to give a more "supply area" feel, which is sort of what I want.

#4: Here BOTH pieces of "background" are behind the officers.  Both standing guards are still on the Frenchie.  The prisoners now have been angled AWAY from the center of the scene, so they look less like they are watching the interrogation.  Both walking guards are now behind the sitting troops.

#5: One standing guard has been moved next to the Russian officer.  They have also been spun a bit so both officers are sort of visible.

Sooo.... that is where I am.  I wanted to finish this TODAY, but I honestly cannot figure out how everything should look... so for now, I think I am stuck.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ugh having such miniature trouble...


Just got back from a week at the beach.

Good news; the miniatures for my Russian centerpiece are done!  All I have to do is grass them and they are ready to go:)

Bad news?

I have absolutely NO idea how to set the scene up effectively using the terrain I have.  Literally I am at a stop.

I'll post a photo or two tomorrow of some mockups... folks, I really need some advice:(

Friday, August 13, 2010

A REALLY neat site of WWII pictures

Just found this site on The Miniatures Page... a fantastic Russian artist who transposes WWII era photos of a place over modern photos of the same place, making it look like the two times are meeting... AMAZING stuff.  Please check it out!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Latest project, and a question for you all!

Hey all!

Well, I am back home for a day, and then right back out for a week at the beach!

I do plan to bring some troops with me though, to paint... and I based up my Russian centerpiece of surrendered French troops being guarded by Russian soldiers.  The French troops are sitting in small groups behind the lines back near the Russian supplies... one group listening to a guy playing his fife, the other smoking and keeping an eye on a heartbroken compatriot.  It also includes a Russian officer interrogating a French officer and four Russian guards... two marching guard duty, and two watching the conversation between officers..

I do have the crates and barrels seen above, as well as a small stone wall piece, another set of barrels (this time on end) and a bunch of French muskets....  would captured muskets be stacked?

Honestly,  I am not sure how to use the barrels and crates... I DO want to use them in the background of the scene, to establish that it is set in the rear, but I also have a cool stone wall I could use...

So what do you all think?  How should I set this up?  Is it fine as is, with the two pieces behind them getting across the idea?  Should BOTH pieces be to the same side?