Monday, August 29, 2016

The giant 10mm Napoleonic table, almost finished

Just a bit more done... I am pretty pleased with it, so far.  A bit more work to do (moving a few fields, making a few buildings, flocking) and it should be ready for a game!:)

Friday, August 26, 2016

More work done on the double-wide 10mm Napoleonic table

Well, some more work done on the 12x4 table!  No figures on it yet, but I'll be honest, you lose them... they are TINY compared to table:)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Let the grand transformation begin!

Well, after a fun Armada game last night (photos will come later) I am starting to convert over to the combined-table Napoleonic setup!

More over the next day or two... should be fun!:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some progress on the "Sharpe" commission

Hey all!

Thought I would chime in with some progress on the "Sharpe" commission!

I am a bit behind, as I had a pretty nasty injury... I was using a hand wood saw, and it jumped and went right across my pointer finger.  Should have gotten stitches but I skipped on them... but it slowed me down a bit.

Anyway, they aren't done yet.  This group is nearly finished, just needs some highlighting and some detail work, and then being based.  I've got two more Rifles who are undercoated, Major Hogan who just got here in the mail, and am waiting on the basis for Teresa, which hasn't arrived yet... a bit slow getting here from England.  All things considered, though, I think they look good!:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Richard Sharpe... with a pelisse?!

Okay, I am a bit stuck.

So, I ordered the pack shown above from the Perry twins.

As always, they look great.

Buuuuttt... the best soldier of the bunch for Richard Sharpe, the third from the left, is wearing a pelisse.  And it just is not an easy task to get rid of... it is covering his entire arm and back, and I frankly am not sure I am capable of removing it and resculpting what is left.

My only other option is a heavy conversion of a Perry plastic rifle, but I'm not sure that will look more dynamic or interesting.

I could move the sword to the other hand and put a rifle in that one, and make sure the sword is straight, and do the cavalry pants... but is that enough to make it Richard Sharpe?  Is the pelisse a disaster?


A new 28mm Sergeant Harper

Hey all!

Well, some bad news... as I was working on the "extended size" Harper he broke.  Like, in three places.

So I ditched him (after taking the Volley Gun off his back) and started anew!

This is the NEW Harper... fairly standard figure, but I added a bit... some sgt stripes (although I redid those after I took this photo), a new head (with some hair sticking out around it) and a sash (added after I took this photo.  I also put a French pack on his back. I made him stepping over a rock to add a bit of height... I'll do the same with Richard Sharpe himself, and maybe Teresa... we'll see.

I put some undercoat on him, and will get him painted up!  I like the animation in this figure a LOT more than the other, even if he isn't bigger:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random, welcome generosity!

Just wanted to post... So, I'm working on a commission of Richard Sharpe and his rifles, and needed a few random bits... A few French backpacks, and maybe a poached rabbit (Dan needs one on his belt!). I asked on TMP and on my blog if anyone out there could help...

And lo and behold, Bc1745 from TMP not only had the bits, but mailed them along to me, free of charge, from the frikking UK.

That's the second time a fellow wargamer has come through with just pure kindness (the other being Hedwig being sent this way from overseas!). I have to find a way to pay it forward!:)

Thanks, Nick!:)

Friday, August 5, 2016

A converted 25mm Sgt Harper

Okay, I haven't gotten the shipment of Riflemen yet for the commission, but I wanted to do SOMETHING, so I did this... a Sergeant Harper, but a little trickier than he looks... I cut the legs, arms, and waist apart and made him a bit taller using green stuff.  A little sculpting (and a patch on his knee) helps cover it up.  I think he turned out okay, although if the client isn't happy I'll do another and just keep this guy as an experiment:)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Okay readers... some help with a "Sharpe" project, please?

Hi all!

Okay, I am turning to all of you out there for some help, as you likely know more combined than I ever could!

I am looking at finding some specific bits and pieces for this Sharpe project!

First, I need a good mounted figure to represent a British Engineer officer. I've seen the colors of the uniform, but is it just a regular mounted British officer painted differently?  I think this guy would work, no?

Second, okay, anyone have any ideas of a female figure with a rifle I could use as a basis for Teresa?  I was thinking maybe this figure...

With some serious conversions... rifle instead of sword, hat gone, hair resculpted, maybe a cross belt or something to hide a BIT of the cleavage... but I wanted something somewhat feminine and a little sexy, since it IS a Sharpe project... thoughts?  Anyone have a better recommendation?

Third, does anyone make a weapon pack that might contain a Nock rifle?  Or how about some French packs?  I know this is a long shot, but...

Fourth… I am DYING to find the rifleman who is lying down and using his feet to steady his rifle in this photo, sold as a single figure:

Anyone out there know if that is possible, or even HAVE this set and would be willing to part with him?

One last thing... I am looking for a pretty specific bit... Someplace out there there is a "bit" that is basically like a rabbit or something that someone has hunted for food and is now hanging on a belt.For the LIFE of me I cannot remember where I saw it... on a sprue, somewhere... was it Games Workshop?  It wasn't from the new Frostgrave parts... but I cannot remember where it came from!  Anyone out there know where such a bit might come from... or, even better, anyone have one I can buy off you?!:)

Thanks guys, in advance!:D

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Would anyone like to get me to do a Sharpe project for them?

Hey all!

Okay, I've always wanted to try a commission, but never really found the client or the subject that I've wanted to spend time on.

But I've recently been reading the Sharpe books again, and realized… I'd like to do a commission based on them!

Is there anyone out there who is interested in commissioning a Sharpe collection from me? I'm thinking something inspired by the books… Maybe Sharpe and his mates and a few generic rifles, maybe a few partisans (and of course Teresa) and then maybe some bad guys, including a selection of the most famous ones?