Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Workbench


Hey all!

Well, I've got a few things on the workbench...

First up, I am working on the last unit of line infantry for my "Retreat from Moscow" project.

Second, I've started doodling around with those fantastic 15mm Dwarves I picked up at Fall In... and I've thought up another new project, too!

So stick around and see how they turn out!:)

Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A truly beautiful "guest" wargames room!

Hey all!

I am always looking for new people to game with... you can never have enough, right?  Well, some years ago I met a pair of gamers near here, the Joes.  Father and son, both of whom love everything toy soldier.  

So we've gotten friendly over the years, seeing each other at Cons and having some wargaming acquaintances-in-common.  I've always known they love toy soldiers, and are sort of like my buddy Sean... they have the resources to do it right, and enjoy doing so!

Anyway, after some pestering they finally sent me a few photos of their wargames room, and we're planning to finally get together to play a bit... maybe we can do a home-and-home!

So this is their room!

I love the look... very traditional study.  The ox blood leather couch is a nice touch:)

Every good wargame room SHOULD have a fireplace... but they don't all:)

There is an eclectic collection of wood cabinets in the room, adding to the rich feel.

And of course there are a lot of toy soldiers!

A battle in Spain?

A pretty, pretty room!

Cold Wars Loot!

Hey all!

Well, I thought I'd finally share my Cold Wars swag!

Overall I was very happy with my purchases.  At the top is part of a last minute purchase... I picked up a small collection of Battle Valour 15mm Fantasy figures... namely, a little dwarf force!  I don't know why... the figures were just SO pretty that I really wanted to do a collection!  So far I've painted a few... we'll see how long it takes to paint them all!

At the flea market was someone selling terrain in little plastic bags.  I got these palm trees for my naval game...

... these orchard trees for my 10mm Napoleonics...

And these bushy grasses for... well, for whatever!:)

I picked up the Seven Samurai pack that Roly Hermans painted up... I intend to do a little scene with them, and only paint them in black and white.  We'll see how they look!

I also got this nice little dock from

Here it is on the table!

The guys over at do great stuff, and there is literally no better deal than their giant bin of stuff!  Everything above cost about three bucks!

And finally I picked up a few random dice for my son's card game, some grassy clumps, a bit of silver paint, and some random bases from Gale Force 9, in case I need them!

Overall, a great few days of buying!

Friday, March 24, 2017

New shelves, and a bit of rearranging...

Hey all!

Well, I added another shelf to each of my cabinets, at the bottom, where there was room, and then I moved some stuff around... so I thought I would take a few snaps!

Above is cabinet one... the 25mm French Napoleonic army, with the "Retreat from Moscow" (WIP) project in there too, so you can really appreciate how it is really just a smaller size of the normal army.

Cabinet #2... from top to bottom... Space Wolf Terminators, Zombie Survivors, some X-Wing stuff, a Warhammer Empire General, and Al Swearengen in the Gem Saloon.  Shelf two, my 15mm WWII Germans.  Shelf three, some 25mm ACW, the Fellowship of the Ring, and an OLD school army banner from when I was 12.  Shelf four is the Old Guard, and five is a ton of modern 15mm ACW.  Shelf six is my Bloodbowl team (WIP) and finally, on the bottom shelf, is a portion of my 10mm Napoleonic French Cavalry.

Next cabinet!  Top shelf is Star Wars Armada stuff.  Shelf two is more of my modern 15mm ACW.  Shelf three is my 15mm Moderns (although most of them aren't out on the shelf yet!)  Shelf four is more Star Wars Armada.  Shelf five is a huge amount of 10mm Napoleonic British.  Shelf six is my customized 15mm ACW Longstreet army.  And the last shelf?  Some of my vast old-school 15mm ACW collection from when I was little.

And finally, last cabinet... Top shelf, Star Wars Armada.  Shelf two, ships for my naval game.  Shelf three, 25mm Napoleonic Austrians and a few random British.  Then, the rest of the shelves are my 25mm Napoleonic Russians!

So, that is the new layout!  If anyone wants any close ups, just let me know!:)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A new gun for my wargames room

I picked up a FIRST rate replica M1 Carbine.  Would love an original, but that's a pretty serious weapon for right now, and with the Bess having just joined and the Baker on the way, I figure a replica is okay:)  I think it looks really sharp on the wall… really brings the modern!

Oh, and I have a few corrections and additions for the Cold Wars photos... I'll get to that ASAP!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cold Wars - Saturday Eye Candy!

Hey all!

Well, Saturday at Cold Wars is here... and I grabbed the camera and walked around to take some photos!

Got to see Rick "The Flag Dude" and his new baby... he looked surprisingly well rested for a new dad!  His lovely wife maybe looked a wee bit more tired:)  Saw the Joes again, which is always good, and ran into Howard Whitehouse.  Also got to see a very old friend, Greg S., who I knew way back when... we sort of reconnected recently, and it is great to see him passing on the toy soldier love to his boys!

BTW, if a slightly bearded guy with a big camera stops and asks if he can take a picture, while murmering to himself "God, I love toy soldiers," that's me, so say hi!

A game.  I am sorry, I don't know what it was:)

Dave Bonk and the Carnage and Glory guys always put together a nice table!

Some more of the Carnage and Glory guys...

And a bit more.

And... a bit more:)

Some 15mm Napoleonics.  A nice, old school looking game.

Napoleonic Austrians advance into battle in another game.

A beautiful Antietam game.

Reb troops advance down the road.

The first Federal troops advance on the Bloody Lane.

The Irish are on their way to the front!

And more advance.

The two sides begin exchanging a hellish fire.

Here the battle is, at its peak.  Note the casualty markers... that's a great touch, as always!

Didn't get to see this Indian Wars game actually being played.

Some mechs prepare to battle it out in an unfortunate city.

No figures yet... but that's a pretty table!

A wargame!  I can't tell you more than that.

Some planes swoop in over the desert...

Some 15mm WWII.

15mm Napoleonic troops prepare to repel an assault.

Yikes!  A veritable horde of zombies do their best to get a quick snack.

Another 15mm Napoleonic game.

MASSES of ancients always look nice!

WWII roars across the desert.

More 15mm WWII.  I like the flame plumes.

Soldiers look best in a big carrying tray with everyone you need.

South American troops; man, those look like a bitch to paint.

How great are those bases, and that 4Ground building?

An ACW game.

WWII Russians charge to glory through a train yard!

North Koreans take on Americans as they invade the United States.

Another from that game.

Some big 54s, Napoleonics.  They were interesting to see.

Some more of the Xin's game.

And some more.

And a bit more!

Another shot of that game from above.

A very nice Carnage and Glory AWI game.

Some more from that game.

Another Carnage and Glory game.

Another shot from that game.

That Indian game (Custer's Last Stand, I think?) from earlier was finally being played...

Some of Richard Sharpe's rifles move through Spain...

... while some Voltigeurs move up to meet them!

That Napoleonic game, from the end of the table.

Anyone missing a tree?

Okay, I LOVE these little planes, from Hostile Aircraft, I believe.

A nice ACW game.

Uh... is someone going to do something about all those zombies?

A rather epic X-Wing game, with I believe all of the current available epic ships.

Another zombie game.

A tiny scale Napoleonic

A bunch of Darkest Africa pieces in a box!  I love when

A nice looking game of Desperado.  Love the buildings!

Holy crap!  A group of guys were playing Shogun!

I owned three boxes of these... have them all based up and ready to be painted at home!

Now THAT'S a successful recipe for gaming!

Some of the ancients I saw were really fantastic.

That Jaguar Warrior is awesome!

More Southern American warriors.

More ancients clash.

How awesome is THAT?

And check out the casualty marker in the back!

I love a good baggage train!

Some more ancients clash!

Those are some beautiful knights!

And to wrap it up... some Bretonnians!

Nothing looks quite as good as a unit of Bretonnian knights!