Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Imperial X-Wing force!

Hi all!

Well, I finally got around to snapping some photos of my Imperial force for X-Wing!

It consists of six TIE Fighters, three TIE Interceptors, and two TIE Advanceds.  I figure that should be all I need for a while:)  I did go through after I got the TIE Interceptors, which have a blue hue, and did a little paint work, so that all the ships would match.  Pretty simple; just did a blue-grey wash on all the ships.

Here is my first set of TIE Fighters.  I did a little work with paint on one, so it can represent any special character TIE Fighter I might purchase.  I find it is easier when the special guys stand out.

Here is my second wing of TIE Fighters.

Here are my three Interceptors.  As with the first set of TIEs, I did the red stripes on one of the Interceptors, so if I buy a named pilot that ship can easily represent him.

And finally, here are my two Advanceds.  I run one almost always as Vader; I haven't run both in one game yet!

So... there is my Imperial force!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Your favorite wargame unit?

Hi all!

So, I was recently skimming through blogs, and looking at some of the FANTASTIC wargames units out there, and it got me thinking... of all the wargames units I can remember seeing, which is my favorite?

Tough, right?  I mean, I have a few that I adore... I mean, I love the siege guns over at Echoes of Glory...

And I adore Der Alte Fritz's artillery...

But my favorite wargames unit of all time?  I think it is Dave Taylor's Cameron Highlanders!

Just check out the rearing horse with the commander urging his men on!  Beautiful paint, beautiful scene... and, I think, my favorite wargames unit!

So, I wanted to ask; what is YOUR favorite (not your own) wargames unit?

Post them in the comments; I'll do a whole post of the favorites so we can all feast on some eye candy!:)

Base for second Battlefield 3 scene undercoated

Hi all!

Well, the basics are done for my second Battlefield 3 scene.  This one is made to look like Seine Crossing.  I've still got a few bits to do, but for now, here it is!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A simple house rule for X-Wing

Okay... was thinking a bit about how to add a bit more strategy to movement... right now it seems like it is a "run at the enemy, pass him, K turn" rinse and repeat.

So... here is my proposal.

First, all regular fighters have four "sides"; their front fire arc (as already defined) a rear arc (the reverse of the front fire arc) and two side arcs. You'd have to maybe draw the rear arc onto the card.

Then add this rule:

If you are attacking an enemy ship in its side arc, you may reroll one attack die.

If you are attacking an enemy ship in its rear arc, you may reroll one attack die AND you may force the enemy to reroll one agility die.

I have to sit and look at the ships to figure out how you determine exactly if you are in an arc, but I think a post-to-post line should help determine which fire arc you are in.

My hope is that this might make people more interested in things like attacking from the flank and even getting behind enemies.

I am not sure if it would work with the big ships, as they are rather large and I don't have any to look at.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

My 2nd comic-style X-Wing report

Hi all!
Well, my next X-Wing battle report is done, so come give it a look!
For those interested in the numbers... Empire was Vader w/Squad Leader, a Tempest Advanced with Concussion Missiles, Night Beast, and two Black Squadron TIE fighters.

I don't remember the exact Rebel breakdown, but I think it was Luke with R2D2 and Marksmanship, Arvel, a Rookie X-Wing pilot with R5-D8, and a Gold Squadron Y-wing.

We used my home rules for asteroids; they move 1 straight each turn in a random direction.  It ended up being REALLY really cool; I've never played a wargame on a battlefield that changed!  When holes opened in the asteroid belt the fighters would dive for it... or if asteroids clumped together ships would take cover behind them.  The belt actually split over the course of the game, with a clump of three right in the middle of the action and then the rest moving off board to the side.

Anyway... on to the show!  And listen, I turned on lightbox so you can click on one photo and just cycle through each page, but it doesn't always work... so if it doesn't, just hit back and hit the photo again!:)  But if you want to see them full size to check the ships out, click on the page to see it on it's own!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My complete X-Wing Rebel fleet!

Hey all!

Okay, my two X-Wing fleets are complete!

I just got my last shipment of ships, and I am done... all I'll ever need!  A nice solid core of X-Wings, with two of each of the more specialized ships... I figure that, in a 100 point game, it gives a player plenty of options.  I am honestly not interested in the two bigger ships... the only thing that might ever tempt me is the X-Wing and TIE Fighter expansion for the pilots and cards, but I have a feeling I'll be able to resist, because the box I have for all of my ships won't fit them!:)

First are my three X-Wings.  As with all ships I obviously got some paint on these so they would be a bit individualistic.  The yellow looks sharp on them, I think!

I also picked up two A-Wings.  Got to see one in action last night... WOW, what a collection of green moves!  Very nimble and cool little ship, with some neat abilities.  It is rather fragile, though, especially compared to its mates... two shields and only two hull get worn out QUICK, and without a mech to repair damage or shields, they are rather vulnerable.  I did a little paint work on these guys as well, to vary them up a bit.

Finally I have two Y-Wings.  I love these ships, as far as their looks, and honestly I like them in the game too... they are just big tough SOBs.  However, their lack of firepower can be alarming.  But give them a missile or torpedo, or the Ion Turret, and they can hit hard. Keep them out of enemy lines of fire and that all-around fire arc on the Ion Turret can be key, as you never need to worry about facing the enemy.  These guys also got a bit of color, so they are a bit different from each other.

So that is my force!  I think they are a really nice mix of abilities and styles, and enough for any Rebel player to make a force from.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Battlefield 3 scene done!

Hey all!

Well, that's the first Battlefield 3 scene done!

This one is of a buddy of mine (I photoshopped the nameplate, just to maintain his XBOX Live anonymity... stupid, right?) who plays sometimes in the Scout class.  He is awful good on Operation Metro, which is an up close and personal map that is centered on a train station.  I included a number of touches from the game, including obviously a pretty close replication of the station colors and decorations, an ammo box in the corner, and even some rubble and a bottle along the wall!

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I am actually redoing the sign, as it bled a little, but otherwise it is good to go!

Now I have to start the next one... which scares me, as it might be a bit tougher.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Never mind!

Hey all!

Well, I ordered three, and they'll be here in a few days, and that's all I've got to say about that:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Battlefield 3 miniatures scene 1 almost done!

Hi all!

Well, my BF3 miniature scenes are well underway!

Here is the first one, after getting a liberal wash of varnish... it is a scene from Operation Metro, which will feature the sniper.  You can see some bits from the map, including the sign on the edge of the platform, the tile pattern, the orange chairs, and a bit more.  I also included an ammo box on the lower left side as a bit of detail.  After this dries I'll hit it with a matt varnish and then add the station sign, which will take up a chunk of the lefthand side of the wall.

Overall it looks GREAT... might not look as good in the photo as it does in person, but... and some varnish will work wonders!

Starting the figure for it today!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My next big miniatures project; Battlefield 3!

 Edit:  sorry this post isnt finished... I'll take care of that on Sunday!

Hi all!

Well... my next project is underway!

In addition to playing around with toy soldiers, I play Battlefield 3.  A LOT of Battlefield 3.  It is a FANTASTIC game... the best multiplayer game I've seen.

I usually play with two guys exclusively; a buddy named Bill (a friend of my college roommate) and a guy named Highlife, who I only know through Battlefield.  The three of us have been playing pretty much twice a week for... jeez... years, I guess:)

So... when I saw Hasslefree Miniatures "not-Battlefield" figures I figured... time to do something cool for my Battlefield Friends!

I picked up a pair of figures to represent them.  Bill plays Engineer a lot, and Highlife is a pretty capable Sniper when he wants to be, so I grabbed one of each.  Each will be painted and put into a small scene.  I decided to go with a bit from each guy's favorite map... Bill loves Seine Crossing, so I will do something from that, and Highlife is a big Metro fan, so Metro it is!

I did end up doing a location scout... Metro is pretty easy, as I know I wanted to do something down near the tracks.  Here are some photos I took of that area.

And here is a shot of what I think the whole scene will look like, roughly.  I'll do a med kit and a ammo kit too; one in each scene.  They are pretty common, so they will link the scene to the game easily.

The next scene is a bit tougher for me.  It is Seine Crossing, and ideally for Bill I'd do a machine gunner in a window, as that is his traditional role:)  But there was no appropriate figure, so he will be an engineer running around!

The thing is... with Metro you can do the subway station

And here is a shot of the in-game model for the Scout class... I might do a little greenstuff work on him, just to match it up.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

John Williams music: come vote in the bracket!

Hey all!

Well, as everyone knows... John Williams is the greatest movie composer of all time.

So... I put together a March-Madness-Style bracket to figure out which is his BEST song of all!

So please... come vote!  Each round lasts a day, so come back over the next five or so and vote!

Here is the link!

Made my first satellite for X-Wing

Hi all!

Well, I wanted to cobble together a few satellites... so here is my first!  Made of a welding piece, some balsa, some card, and some plascard.  Stuck a toothpick in the base and in the bottom of the satellite.  Some paint, a wash, and voila!  I think it looks pretty good and it nicely matches the rest of the collection.  I still have to varnish it, and I might rewash the solar panels after that, so they have a little bit of a sheen, but who knows.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

X-Wing ships touched up with some paint

Hi all!

Well, after seeing some of the impressive results people have gotten online, and wanting to customize my rebel ships a bit, I went after them with a bit of paint.  Put some yellow on, worked on the astromechs a bit, and a good bit of washing.  I also did some random plates on the Y-Wing, although it is a touch out of focus and I am too lazy to stand up and walk to the other side of the room to retake a shot:)  I think they turned out pretty good, overall.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Making asteroids for X-Wing

Hello, all!

Well, after my first game of X-Wing, which featured a single proof-of-concept sort of asteroid (that was actually made by mistake) I thought I should get going on some real asteroids!

First up?  Some lava rocks!  I had considered a few other materials, such as styrofoam, but after some recommendations over at TMP I went with lava rocks.  They look EXACTLY like I would expect asteroids to look!

It doesn't hurt that they are cheap; it was maybe four bucks at Home Depot for these fellows!

While there I also picked up a quarter inch dowel, and also some one inch wooden buttons.  I drilled out the buttons, and then cut up some dowel pieces.  I slipped the dowels into the buttons, glued them in, and let them dry.
You can see them here drying next to a TIE Fighter (who is clearly just waiting to get smashed to bits!)

After that I gave hem a quick spray paint of black.  Then I drilled out the lava stone a bit (MAN that killed my drill bit... crappy drill bit got all worn out from that!) and then dabbed a bit of construction adhesive to the ends of the dowels.  I stuck the lava rock on and voila!  Attached to their flight stands!  I did find that the asteroids stood up pretty well, actually, but since I plan on moving them around I did end up going back and gluing on a poker chip to the bottom of each, just for a bit more stability, although honestly it didn't even need it.
 At that point I could have been done, but I felt it needed a bit more.  So I grabbed some white, black, and tan paints and did a quick drybrush of each, to bring out that fantastic crater-ish detail that the lava rock has.  Some I did grey, some brown-grey, and some a mix... after all, every asteroid shouldn't be the same color!

Finally I put some numbers around the base, as I intend to have the asteroids move as I play... each one moves in a direction at speed one.  I plan on making a few other man-made objects (satellites and the rest) that will behave the same way... they'll just move at speed two or three instead.

So... that's it!  Asteroids done!  I might make two more, but for now I am in good shape.

Next up?  Well, I think I'll do a couple of planets, made out of large foam spheres.  Sure, they won't be to scale, but that isn't the point... they are meant to be visual and to get in the way.  I will also do a few man-made obstacles, like floating space garbage and satellites and the like... I'll put them on stands like the asteroids, but rather than them moving distance 1 they'll move distance 2.

Thanks for coming by!