Thursday, August 27, 2020

Some random 10mm Napoleonic eye candy...

Hi all!

Thought I would just share a few bits of eye candy from a recent photo session... always love to look at oodles of toy soldiers!:)


Friday, August 14, 2020

Started a "Mighty Empires" project...


Hi all!

Well, along with Richard Sharpe and the Rifles, another summer project of mine was to makeup a little set of Mighty Empire tiles, with the plan of making a fun little Viking rading game using them!

So here are the first few, all done up, with a few Viking crews raiding across them!

Painted up my own 28mm 95th Rifles and Richard Sharpe!

Hey all!

Well, I had a summer project; namely, painting up a small force of the 95th rifles, made famous by the Sharpe's series!

So I found the movement trays that I wanted, went to Brigade Games for the miniatures, and finally did up Richard Sharpe and the 95th Rifles!

Here is Sharpe himself, ready to fight!

Here is a stand, led by Frederickson.

And here is Sgt. Harper, leading another movement tray of men!

And here is the whole group.  I did a little label on the front of each stand, with the names of each Rifle on them.

So finally, I have a real force of the 95th... it's about time!:)

And for fans of Sharpe, PLEASE do come and read my own little homage to the series, "Sharpe's Wine"... I think it is actually quite a fun read!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Some more of our Walking Dead campaign...

Hi all!

Well, we played five more games today... some went SUPER quick... and I thought I would share some photos!

Here is the first one... a food supply run.  It was pretty clear... not many zombies anywhere, so we were able to move up and take care of business quickly.

A zombie did end up being in the house we checked for supplies, but we were able to sneak through without it hearing us.

My guy, Brian, headed towards the other supplies, which seemed easy to snag.

Sandra went to go clear out a nearby car.

And then they went and looted the UPS truck together and ran off!

The next mission was a "Found New Survivor" mission!  He was in the middle, but while there were a ton of zombies they were mostly at the far end of the board... we figured we could avoid them.

Or maybe not!  Two zombies lurched towards Sandra, although she was able to fight them off and knock them back.

Meanwhile Allen moved towards some other supplies, hoping the nearby zombies wouldn't notice him.

Once we got our supplies, we ran!

Next mission was just our new guy, Jim, and Sandra... we rolled up a "Surrounded!" mission!

Sandra and Jim check out some nearby supplies, unaware that a horde of zombies is heading their way...

But thankfully they were able to simply RUN, and they got past the zombies around them and off the board!

The next mission was a Defensive Supply run!  Again it was just Jim and Sarah (Allen and Brian were just too beat up and starving... in maybe supply 25 rolls, we only rolled up food maybe four times... our survivors are slowly starving to death!)

Sandra was grabbing supplies and ready to go when a zombie shambled around the jersey barriers and towards her!  But then Jim, thinking fast, blasted it with his pistol, knowing that even if he missed it the shot would bring the zombie towards him and away from Sandra!  But his aim was true, and he took the zombie out, enabling the survivors to escape.

The next mission was ANOTHER "Surrounded!" mission!  Our survivors really have to pay more attention!  Again, there were a TON of zombies, but not many between our survivors and the way home.

Sandra took a moment to check the bed of a nearby truck....

... while Allen went to check a pile of boxes near a nearby mobile home.  And then we just RAN for it!

So here is the crew now!  As you can see, we have a TON of gear, but we are DANGEROUSLY low on health... we just aren't finding enough food to stay alive!

And we rolled up the next mission... our base is under attack!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A new "The Walking Dead" campaign

Hi all!

Well, my son and I have started a new "The Walking Dead" campaign, so I thought I would share some photos! 

We played one uneventful game, but then I started taking photos.  First up was this food supply run!

So we decided we would stick together, and work our way behind the newspaper stand and bus stop to check the supply stashes there first.

We crept up towards the alley...

... but suddenly the zombies must have caught wind of us, as some bad event cards sent them our way!

While we were able to dispatch the one that lurched down the alley at us, some more began to come up the street, and a few terrible cards in a row (darn you, Pandemonium!) left us barely six inches into the table and already closing in on a high threat level!  We decided to simply cut out at that point, although we did take some damage for not having food.

The next mission was a defensive supply run. 

My son ducked into the mobile home, and we promptly rolled that there was a zombie in there!  But it ended up generating in the bathroom, and he was able to sneak in and sneak out without it catching wind of him.

The blare of a car alarm cut through the air, and while it helped draw zombies away from the center of the board, it rapidly began to elevate the threat level...

My guy jumped into a nearby house and searched for goods...

... while my son's guy snuck up behind a zombie in a park and grabbed some supplies.

At this point, courtesy of the car alarm, the threat level was skyrocketing, and we decided to cut out.  My son's guy made it out, but the zombies were completely agitated, and noticed my guy trying to run away!  They chased after him, causing him to panic and scream, which drew the nearest zombie right onto him!  Thankfully he was able to beat it back and get off the board even in his panicked state.  Unfortunately the threat level had reached the max, and so my guy was unavailable for the next mission and would suffer damage in between... getting lost is dangerous!

Here is the next mission, a food run, which was huge, because we NEEDED food.  I brought the female survivor from our group, and my son brought his usual guy. 

We quickly moved up the street and snagged some supplies that were in the shipping crate and UPS truck before turning around and coming back to approach the 7-11 from the front.

We carefully threaded our way through the dump...

... and then moved up and engaged the zombies at the front of the 7-11!

Sandra managed to knock hers down and get into the store to grab some supplies, while my son's guy knocked his zombie down and then moved in for the kill.

But the threat level was rapidly increasing, and a few bad cards suddenly saw every zombie turn to us and begin to shamble forwards!  It was time to run!

Our guys began to lose their nerve and panic... Sandra began to run as the horde of zombies followed her, and my son's guy let out a scream, which brought a zombie RIGHT to him!  Thankfully he managed to kill it and run off the board, just as the threat level hit max...

... but Sandra didn't have such luck.  She panicked and was promptly overwhelmed by zombies with nowhere to turn!  But even though they rolled something like ten dice, the leather jacket she had found in the UPS truck saved her life, as the zombies must have been distracted by it and did no damage to her!  Instead they lurched backwards clutching the jacket, and she managed to turn and sprint off the table, escaping what we were CONVINCED was certain death!

So here is where we are now.  We've found some decent supplies, but have little food, and our little group of survivors is slowly starving to death.  Fingers crossed the next mission goes well... we drew a mission card, and it turned out to be a gun run!  

I'll post more eventually!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Walking Dead card holders, and painted trash piles...

Hey all!

Thought I would share these great new boards I picked up for The Walking Dead!

One of my annoyances with the game has always been dealing with the cards and the health markers... they are always sliding all over the place and a real mess, especially since I play only campaigns, where you have to keep track of guys for many games in a row.

Well, a friend picked these up, and I loved them, so I got them too!

Now, I did do a few things with them.  First obviously is the painting.  But I also wanted to have a better way to track health than the simple, easy-to-slide-out-of-place counter.  So I just took a drill and drilled eight holes along the top and numbered them. A few cut down Battleship pegs work to track health... white for health, red for if someone has been bitten. 

Overall they turned out fantastic:)

Oh, and here are the trash piles, painted up.

Another one... I love the chair in there.

And the last set.