Thursday, August 27, 2020

Some random 10mm Napoleonic eye candy...

Hi all!

Thought I would just share a few bits of eye candy from a recent photo session... always love to look at oodles of toy soldiers!:)


Friday, August 14, 2020

Started a "Mighty Empires" project...


Hi all!

Well, along with Richard Sharpe and the Rifles, another summer project of mine was to makeup a little set of Mighty Empire tiles, with the plan of making a fun little Viking rading game using them!

So here are the first few, all done up, with a few Viking crews raiding across them!

Painted up my own 28mm 95th Rifles and Richard Sharpe!

Hey all!

Well, I had a summer project; namely, painting up a small force of the 95th rifles, made famous by the Sharpe's series!

So I found the movement trays that I wanted, went to Brigade Games for the miniatures, and finally did up Richard Sharpe and the 95th Rifles!

Here is Sharpe himself, ready to fight!

Here is a stand, led by Frederickson.

And here is Sgt. Harper, leading another movement tray of men!

And here is the whole group.  I did a little label on the front of each stand, with the names of each Rifle on them.

So finally, I have a real force of the 95th... it's about time!:)

And for fans of Sharpe, PLEASE do come and read my own little homage to the series, "Sharpe's Wine"... I think it is actually quite a fun read!