Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall In 2014 - The Photos!

Hi all!

Well, Fall In has come and, by the time I post, largely went!

Now, I was NOT able to make Fall In this year, because my wife and I just had our second child on Monday night, and things have been understandably hectic!

That said... my best buddy DID go down, and like a good friend send me text photos during the weekend of what he saw, because he knew how much I would miss it!

So... fresh from the reporter in the field... here are some Fall In photos!

At the top is a Gettysburg table, near the Round Tops.

An ACW game.

The Carnage and Glory guys put on a mean AWI game, as always!

Another shot of the AWI... love that church.

A great Samurai diorama for sale.

Another shot... love the ninjas crawling all over it, and the daimyo killing himself on the top floor as his castle falls.

A great 25mm ACW game from the same guys who did that huge game last year.

Great looking, muddy water.

Love those boats!

Another shot of that game.

Another shot of that Gettysburg table... really rocky and great looking.

A really pretty Napoleonic game... love those fields.

The main hall.

The gangster game was a BIG hit... fully lit, tons of figures and vehicles, and of course a cool concept!

More of the gangster game.

And more... look how huge that table is.

A shot of the various gang cards... anyone know anything about the rule set?

I wonder if there is some liquor in that there truck...?

Here it is again.

Cool cars, right?

The damn game was PACKED!  Ridiculous!

So... sorry that's all I have, but heck... for not even being there, it ain't THAT bad!:D

And btw... below is my newest little work:)