Sunday, June 23, 2019

A BUNCH of painted Baccus 6mm Vikings, including casualty bases!

Hey all!

Well, although I haven't posted in a short bit, I HAVE been doing a little bit of painting, in between chores and taking care of kids and the rest!

So I tackled a few projects.  

First was a few more units of standard 6mm vikings.

I also did up the last part of my original plan for my vikings... namely, casualty bases!

I don't have a game for these yet, but in my head I imagined being able to track casualties per base using a small die.  The idea was that, when a base was finally wiped out, you would replace it with a base of dead guys.  So here are some of them!

At the very top of the blog post you can see a few units that have some casualty bases scattered into them.  Right above here is a full unit of dead... not that I imagine this happening in a game, but I wanted people to get a look at them!  They are SMALL, but I think they still look good.

I also did up a command base.  It is basically two bases glued together, with a dice holder at the back.  I also made it a little bit of a hill, so it would be particularly noticeable.  I used the Microworld Odin figure as the general (and repainted the one I had put in a unit a little, to make that one less Odin-like.)  There are shield armed vikings on the ends of the stand, so that when it is in the midst of a unit (like it is in the photo above) the shieldwall continues onto the command stand.

And here are all of the finished units so far!

Anyway... comments or thoughts MORE than welcome!