Saturday, April 20, 2019

World's best wargames room...?

Hey all!

Okay, so I went by my buddy's place last night, to check out his (mostly) finished Wargames Room.

And I've gotta say... it might be about the nicest one out there!

Okay, for the gamers out there... here is the table.  It's RIGHT at the beginning of a setup... very early in the maturation process, in terms of table layout.

So I am going to take you on a virtual "tour" around the room of the various "stuff."

First cabinet... with a great viking helmet, the world's greatest whiskey bottle, and a bunch of WWII miniatures.

Here is the aforementioned whiskey bottle... a globe with a tall ship inside.  It was full a week ago.

The viking helmet.

So, here is the fireplace side of the room.

The cabinet is half of the 25mm ACW Union collection.  The smaller hanging cabinet is a 25mm pirate collection.  The uniforms is one of three originals in here; an original Richmond depot jacket, and an original kepi.  

Here is a better shot of the jacket and kepi.  

Above the faux stained glass window is a hanging cavalry sabre and some great French marshals.

An ACW era box of medicine.

Some classic books.

The other side of the fireplace.  You can see in this shot the cabinet with the 25mm moderns collection, the Irish Brigade flag, the great Herb Gundt Seminary, and an original NY cavalry uniform.  

The fridge, uniform, and guns again.

More guns!

An awesome original New York militia uniform.

A shot of the other side of the room.

A huge shelf of 40mm AWI miniatures.

Some GREAT "western" guns...


The sitting area at the far end of the room.

Welcome to Valhalla!  That is what my buddy is calling his wargames building... full of warriors, and a place you want to spend the rest of your life!:)

A bunch of original pistols.

Ahh, a LeMat!

So my buddy is a huge ACW buff, and particularly a medical guy.  So he has TONS of original medical gear.  These are four shelves of original stuff.

Shelf 2.

Shelf 3.

Shelf 4.

A cabinet of 25mm ACW figures... this time the Rebs.

A drum turned into a table, and a fantastic (not original) AWI uniform.

Another shot of this side of the room... you can see the cabinet of medical supplies in the back, with a box of original pistols above it.

The TV... because everyone needs a TV in the war room!

A fantastic fowler.

And, if you have to leave... here is the way out!

I'll add more information to this when my buddy tells it to me!:)

Sunday, April 7, 2019

A bunch of shots of my Dungeoncrawler miniatures

Hey all!

Thought I would share a few photos I took with my son of the Dungeoncrawler collection, which is still growing... I am trying to get that game working smoothly, but am a bit stuck... but still, the photos are fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Test Death Trooper for Star Wars: Legion

Hey all!

Okay, got the last planned box of Star Wars minis... the Death Troopers!  That's the end of the line for me, for now.

But I am really struggling with the painting... painting armor is never easy, but BLACK armor?!  UGH.

So I thought I would post and ask... what do folks think?