Sunday, January 29, 2012

Purchased the supplies for the Moderns collection!

Howdy all!

Well, I purchased most of what I need for the moderns.  One pack of 20 US soldiers (I may get another), two packs of insurgents (maybe I didn't need that many, but whatever) and some jersey barricades from Rebel minis.

I also got some Flames of War palm trees from Amazon (much cheaper!)

And finally a bunch of buildings from Gamecraft minis!  You can see the breakdown at the top... a lot of one story buildings with a few two stories as well... I didn't want to get too many really huge buildings.  I also got some stairs and interior walls; I plan to do interiors on all of the buildings, but VERY simple interiors... some rugs on the floors, and then some colored blocks of balsa to represent cover (tables, chairs, desks, etc)  Very simple stuff but enough for gaming.

Anyway... should be fun!

I think I also made another decision... I am selling a collection of my old 15mm ACW figures.  I'll put up more info soon... it will be roughly 14 units... 8 US and 6 CSA... all in one go.  I think the whole thing is pictured above.  The thing is... the idea of selling figures does break my heart a bit!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Okay, reached three decisions on the new project

Howdy all!

Okay... reached a trio of decisions about the 15mm modern military project.

First, I think I will hold off on doing it until I finish the 25mm Vikings that I never finished.  It is only 16 figures so will get done soon, but I figure setting a goal will get me to finish that project I hadn't finished.

Second, I have basically settled on the company for the figures (Rebel).  I am still thinking I'll do about 20 Americans, because that is roughly how many come in a pack and I don't want to have to spend another ten bucks for 20 more.  But maybe I'll change my mind.

Last decision?  Well, this is more a "thought" than a decision... I may, once I have finished, sell the whole lot.  We'll see how I feel about it.

Anyway... good stuff!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Considering a new project... thoughts?

(Above inspirational photo courtesy of Agis Neugebauer... excuse me while I drool!)

Howdy all!

Recently been thinking about possibly tackling a new project... wanted to see what folks thought!

I've never painted any sort of modern troops, and thought that might be fun!

So... the idea was inspired by an article I read in Wargames Illustrated; a set of modern troops with a modular set of buildings and road tiles to go with them.  The project would have four parts:

First, a small force of modern US troops.  I am thinking around 20 infantry, a pair of humvees, and an M1A1 Abrams would do nicely.  I could add something to it later (a LAV-25 or a chopper) but I think that is basically all I would need.

Second, a slightly larger force of generic Middle Eastern enemies.  I am not sure if I want to do more of an Afghan style enemy (wearing traditional Afghan headwear) or a more insurgent type of force with masks and such.  Thoughts?

Third, I would get a bunch of the MDF buildings from GameCraft miniatures.  They have some great stuff, and it seems very affordable.  I'd have to get a number of buildings... maybe 12 or 15 smaller ones and 8 or so mid-sized/larger ones.

Lastly, I'd make up a set of modular boards for it.  I think a bunch of boards which are 1x1 would do it.  I think I'd do maybe eight with various road layouts, and something special for the other two... maybe one with some fields, and one with a small oasis.  I'd make parts of it raised, maybe using a heavy cardboard, to represent city sidewalks and to help make the roads stick out.  I'd probably also pick up some palm trees and some various assorted bits and pieces you'd find in a city that you could use as cover... jersey barriers, barbed wire, oil drums, etc.

I would then do a set of rules for all of this as a "solo play" game where you control the Americans and the terrain and enemies are randomly generated and can fight without you... I think that would be pretty sweet:)

So!  Any suggestions for the new project?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A table chock FULL of miniatures!

Just thought I would share... a "behind the scenes" shot of the photo session for the chateau... and frankly, a damn lot of figures on the table.  Any Napoleonic player would enjoy looking through it all for a while up close... I know I do!:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just because I like the photo...


 Some of my French light infantry open fire on the chateau from an old rock wall.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Chateau is finished! And for sale... :)

FOR SALE: $250.

Hey all!

Well... I am done!  The 25mm Chateau is all finished up!

This was a two part project.  I finished the original layout several years ago.  I wanted a true 25mm building that could be a centerpiece on a large table, or even used for a skirmish game.  I wanted to be able to go into every piece of it, and have troops fight within.  I finished the model, but never quite got it to the level I wanted.

Then, recently, I revisited the project with the idea of really finishing it off and making it a true scenery centerpiece.  And voila!

I'll start with some shots from the outside, with captions beneath.

Here is a shot from the front, with a Rifle Captain for scale.  The gates do open and close on a hinge mechanism.  On the right side is the farmhouse.  On the left is a long barn/stable.  The rest of the outbuildings can be used as stables, storage, or whatever!  The tree on the front corner can be removed, and you can just cover the hole up with a piece of bush (included, of course).

 Here is a shot from the side.  You can see a patrol of Rifles returning to the outside door of the farmhouse.  These chateaus were very secure and made excellent defensive positions on the Napoleonic battlefield.

 A shot from the back... you can see the small back entrance.

 One thing I wanted to do with this piece is include a lot of secondary scenery pieces for it.  So... I did!  There is a table and chairs for the inside of the farmhouse.  There is a stone wall that can be used wherever you'd like.  There is a well, hand-built out of greenstuff and balsa.  There are some assorted crates and barrels.  There is a small vegetable garden.  There is a woodpile.  And there are five stalls for horses, that can go in any of the outbuildings to indicate a stable.  I did make sure that the basing on the pieces matches the chateau, and each piece can go in many different locations... or can be used interdependently of the chateau if you wish!

 Here is a closer-up shot of three pieces; the well, the veggie garden, and the woodpile.

Here are the crates and barrels... I can't help but think they would make an excellent objective.

Here is a shot where you can see the gate being open... not sure those Brits will be able to close it in time!

As I mentioned, all of the roofs can be removed.  The farmhouse is two floors, with the outbuildings all being one floor.

Here is the upstairs of the farmhouse.  This would be a perfect bedroom... nice and cozy in the winter.

Here is a shot looking down into the first floor of the farmhouse; the second floor lifts right out, and reveals the kitchen and a sitting room.  For the entire model all exterior doors and windows are outlined on the interior with wood and blackened out, with a fireplace for cooking in the kitchen as well.

Clearly a sign of things to come... here you can see some French soldiers inside the chateau, and you get a glimpse of the interior of the main barn.  The barn is finished like the other outbuildings, with stone floors and scattered straw.

So!  That is my 25mm Chateau... perfect for Napoleonic gaming or WWII gaming.

And as I said, it is for sale.  I think $250 US, plus shipping and handling, would be appropriate for this piece.  It is large (just for the sake of scale, my table is SMALL... only 6 x 4, which is why I am not keeping this building) and so shipping won't be the easiest.  I live in the northern NJ area of the United States, so would be happy if someone nearby would buy it so they can come and pick it up!

So... I hope everyone enjoys looking at the pictures, and I hope it can find a good home!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The last two bits for the Chateau are done!

Hey all!

Well, with a little work (and some babysitting courtesy of Grandma K and Mr. T) the next two bits for the Chateau are done!

They are the woodpile (a donation courtesy of a buddy of mine, who had an extra) and a small garden of veggies!

As usual, I tried to base them such that you could use them on your table even without the Chateau, and of course they can fit in many different spots within the Chateau itself... here are two permutations!

Anyway... just a few barrels left to paint, a little touching up, and we are ready to go!  Anyone out there with a little Christmas money interested in buying a real centerpiece?

Work continues on the 25mm Chateau

Howdy all!

Well, it has been a LONG damn time since I worked on toy soldiers.  Between the new baby, working on my video game, and now Battlefield 3 (stupid XBOX and friends!) toy soldiers have taken a back seat.

However, I really want to finish my 25mm Chateau so it can be sold to a happy home!

So... I am working on the last few bits to go with it!

Now, I already have some crates, some barrels, and a well that go with the chateau.  I am adding three more bits; some more barrels, a little vegetable garden, and a woodpile!

The woodpile is primed and ready for paint... I'll get it done today.

I also made the garden; it fits in a few places in the chateau, and will look really fantastic when it is done.  After I took this photo I primed it, and will paint it ASAP.

Oh, and another project that I did recently... a name plate for my son's door that matches his room.

So... back to toy soldiers!:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So... what should this fence look like?

Hey all!

Okay... finally getting back to my 25mm French chateau, which I plan to sell soon!

I am working on finishing up the main gate, and on a few of the "supporting" pieces that I will include with the chateau when I sell it.

I've done some crates, some barrels, a stone wall, and a well.  I still have to finish some more barrels, the woodpile, and then I want to make a small garden for the inside courtyard.

It would be a small rectangle with fence on three sides; the back side is meant to be put up against a building.  It will fit either next to the house or next to the barn.

My question is; what should the fence look like around it?  Would it be planks, like on the right?  Or small timbers with spaces (as on the left)?  Or what?  I have no idea what style of fence would be used inside a courtyard!

Any help?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Gaming Holiday Gifts

Hey all!

Well, like any self-respecting gamer, I did manage to get a few neat pieces of look this holiday season, thanks to my INCREDIBLY generous in-laws.  I did have to suffer a few barbs and arrows (my father in law, a former Army officer and State Trooper said to my father, another former military man, that shopping for me was easy; just pretend you are shopping for a 13 year old) but whatever, it was worth it in the end:)

So... three things I got.

First up, for the XBOX, Battlefield 3.  Already wasted a lot of hours rumbling around in an M1A2 with my best friend blasting buildings to pieces... it is a lot of fun:)

More importantly (to this blog at least) was a year subscription to Wargames Illustrated, and a copy of the "Waterloo" rules (bought at half price, thank god!)

The Waterloo book is VERY impressive, and is a lot of fun to read.  Some beautiful shots of toy soldiers too!  I do love owning lots of books with pictures of toy soldiers in them!

Anyway... I took a few photos to share... and listen, if there is ANY chance either of the Perry twins read this blog, or anyone who knows them happens to... next time I am in England (which will probably be never, as I've never been there and tend to head towards Paris and Florence when I am in Europe) could I please come and hang out?  I want to see all this stuff up close!:)