Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starting a new project

Hi all!

Well, I just ordered the first figures for a new project.

My father is a huge naval history buff.  They have dozens of prints and woodcuts of famous ship battles hanging around their house, and dozens of books about Nelson and Trafalgar.

So I thought I would, for Christmas, do a little scene for him; namely, the death of Nelson from Wargames Illustrated.

Obviously it is based on this painting:

But I am not going to just do what comes in the set.

Instead, I plan to model a bit of the ship around him.  I was actually thinking about doing a deck below him AND a deck above him, with the action on them... however, I have to look at the layouts of the ships a bit and see if that is A) correct (what decks were below and above him?) and B) doable (is it too much?)

I also need to find the gear that would be around them.  I am not sure where to look; I know someone who does a bunch of naval models and so am hoping he might be able to point me in the correct way.  But does anyone know if there are any suppliers of 28mm British Napoleonic naval accouterments out there?

Also I need to find the figures.  That's a toughie... I will need a few "standing around and watching" sorts of sailors, and I just don't know if those exist.  Maybe a few conversions are in order, but this won't be easy.  I literally don't know a single manufacturer who makes them.  Hope people out there can make suggestions!  So far these seem like the best option...

Plus I might take the kneeling guy with the rammer, and the Marine with the spike, from this site:

Finally, I am considering doing some electricity in this one, like I did with the Harry Potter display.  Namely, I am considering doing an actual lit lamp above his head.  No idea at ALL how to do that though... I may look at the fire set I got and see if I can use a single light from that, clipping the other two off.

So... that's the new project.  Here is a VERY rough picture, with the idea of it being in a clear plastic case like the Harry Potter project (but turned on end.)

Honestly, I would LOVE some advice from the folks out there; there is such a WEALTH of knowledge, both naval and miniature, that I am really hoping folks out there can point me in different directions that might help!

Thanks so much in advance for ANY advice you all can offer!:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Individual 25mm drums?

Hey all,

I am heading down to Fall In this year, and will be looking to pick up some individual 25mm drums.  Does anyone know if someone makes them?


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Napoleon and Company grassed and done...

Hi all!

Okay, the tray is just about done.

There is a bit more left, actually... I am going to do some stacked drums in the back behind the table, along with some cased flags, maybe a musket leaning on them, and a drummer (the duty drummer) hanging out.  But otherwise, just about it!  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I do sort of wish I hadn't used citadel bases so I could have made ones that fit a bit better without a gap, but I did want them to match the rest of my French army.

So... that's it, for now:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Display tray for Napoleon nearing completion...

Hi all!

Okay, the tray is underway and nearing completion... made the fireplace/chimney for the one side.  Does it need a mantle?  There is also a small piece of wall connected to it... I may add another piece somewhere, just so you get a feel for the foundation... maybe the front left corner or something.  Then the road will be behind the fence.  I will add a few bushes and the like up there as well.  Plus I have to add some stones and other bits... but at least you get a feel for it!

Thanks all for the advice and suggestions!

First thoughts on the Napoleon tray

Okay, here it is.

From left to right...

The officers writing orders by the fireplace/chimney of a wrecked house.

Then the officer on horseback, clearly just off the road.

In the front, Napoleon himself.

To his back side, the irritated marshal and his staff.

Then up on the hill to the top right, the group of officers looking out.

I think this would work?

Here it is, using the real things...

 But what about this next version, where Napoleon will be off to the right?  I don't think that works, unless here are NO other figures on the right... and there are.

Okay everyone; need your eyes/help!

Hey all!

Okay... I need your help.

So, the figures for my Napoleon and command stand are done.  However, I am blanking HUGELY on what to do with them!

All of the figures are posted above, minus the big guy himself; I included photos of him earlier.  How do you think I should set these guys up on a display tray?

A few notes.

The only stand with some "height" is the mounted marshal.  Also, if you look at him, he will likely need to be on the left half of the display, so as to show off his detail.  The three officers on the far right will likely need to stay on the right, also to show off their detail (or at least the detail of the center figure) although that WILL obscure the rightmost of that trio (a figure I do like.)

I do have a few bits I can add here.  I have a left-over cart that I can use, if I want to, from Old Glory.  A friend recommended doing a broken down fireplace/chimney, as if they have set up in the remains of an old house... the officers at the table would look good near that, but they also seem like they should be on the far left of the display, which is where I imagine the mounted marshal to go (I think height on the ends looks right.)  I have a few sheep I could include.  Also, I want to talk to a buddy of mine who might have a poodle I can steal; that would be a nice addition.

But overall I am really not feeling any particular setup.  Anyone got any advice?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just about done with all the Napoleonic officers!

Hey all!

Well, just about done!  Got the three officers above done up this morning, and the adjunct pictured below (being handed the order) done yesterday.

I am pretty happy with how they look so far, although there is a little touching up to do...

This has been a lot of fun; lots of different uniforms, very few he same... good times!

I do have a problem, though; I'll elaborate in another post.

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Lincoln" Trailer released

Finally!  I've been waiting for this for YEARS; it was announced maybe in 2009, and I remember hearing the very first rumblings... and since then, been waiting with building anticipation!

Can't wait... although the trailer is a bit talky, and Daniel Day's voice is a bit hard to listen to (although historically accurate I am sure.)

You guys and gals looking forward to this one or what?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gettysburg Electronic Map for sale!

Image courtesy of

Go ahead, go to this site...

Link to government auction site

And do a search for "Gettysburg."  Then check out what comes up:)  Pretty awesome!:)  And CHEAP, too.  The only issue?  Picking it up.  Weighs 12 tons, and the buyer is responsible for moving it.  Still, a lot of fun, especially since bidding is only at 5 bucks.

EDIT:  Well, the auction has ended, so you can't link to it anymore!  Wonder what happened...?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A BUNCH of 28mm Napoleonic command, done!

I'll put better photos up when the whole shebang is complete, but for now... these guys are juuuust about done, with a little work on the bases and a few missed details to touch up.  Honestly, they have been a TON of fun to paint up!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

More WIP, including the big guy himself

Work started this week, so I haven't had any time or energy, but here is the latest... been working on Napoleon and his servant, and got an adjunct done to go with the guys at the table... still have another adjunct, and then three last figures... and of course finishing Napoleon himself and his servant... but I am getting there!

Monday, September 3, 2012

More Napoleonic WIP

A bit more WIP... a pair of Imperial Guard officers jotting down orders (they have a bit more work to go) and an Imperial Orderly... no idea if the uniform is totally spot on, but I think it is close enough!:)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Marshal done, one WIP, and an issue

Well, I finished up the first large stand for Napoleon's set... a Marshal, clearly irritated, with a few aides.  I stuck him next to my finished guard just for the appearance.

And then I started in on the next marshal, along with an ADC, pictured to the right.

I have, however, run into a problem.

When I look at my old bases, they are done in a certain style... static grass and mud.  Here is a shot.

However, I am not really a fan of that anymore, so I was going with a different basing... but I can't.  If I am going to do Napoleon for this army, I have to base them the same.

So I am stuck a bit... I sort of want to go back to the whole old army and add a bunch more flock to their bases, but that is a lot of work.  So do I base the new thing in a style I don't particularly like, so it matches?

It is irritating.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

French General and ADCs WIP

Here is the first set of figures, WIP... still a bit more to go, but you can at least get the idea.  And yes, I am aware there are probably mistakes, but at this point, given how damn hard it is to find info on this stuff, I am not sure I care!:D

Anyway... more to come!