Saturday, April 30, 2011

A repainted beard... and another photo

Well, I repainted the one guys beard to white... I think I like it better.

Also took a lower-angle shot of the guy I am almost done with... I'll varnish him tomorrow.

Another Terminator almost done... and time to make a call on the wolf!


Another Space Wolf terminator is almost done... the chap with the blond hair on the right.  He needs his dullcote (it is AMAZING how weird it looks when they are shiny!) but otherwise, he is about done!  I think he looks pretty sharp.  I want to add or two straw straw-ish tufts to a base, but otherwise, they look pretty good. 

I actually just decided I am redoing the beard of the first figure... I don't like the way it came out.  Might go pure white.  We'll see.

Here is a shot of the guy with the twin claws... I think he turned out pretty good, and I like his beard for the most part.

Two more to go, including the commander... I had actually forgotten my play to put a wolf with a leash on his stand, and assembled him!  Thankfully the pose will still work.  I've got to cut the sword out of his hand, but otherwise I think it will look fine.  Strange; I wasn't looking at the box of the figures, but he came out almost IDENTICAL to the sergeant on the box!  Same head, same pose, same weapons... great minds, I suppose!

I actually just ordered the wolves... went with the Ral Partha pack of wolves, which is FAR more wolves than I need, but what can you do... at least this way I can make sure I have the best post... here is a shot of them.  I think maybe the guy on the back left corner is the one.  If the middle one was facing to his left instead of his right, he'd be perfect, but he isn't.  I guess it really depends... do I want him looking in the same direction that the sergeant is shooting?  Or off to the figures left, at the flank?  Ahhh decisions.  Once the wolves come, I can pick one and then pick which of the two remaining bases works best.

RISK night!

Hey all!

Had a good night last night... went over to a friend's house, and after a good dinner of pasta with some GREAT homemade tomato sauce and garlic bread, we played some Risk!  Now, three of the five people had never played before, so it took a while to get up to speed, but still... a very good time!  One player ended up taking Australia and working on Asia... another took Africa and worked on Europe... another took South America and got a bit stuck... the fourth got stuck in Europe, assailed from all sides... and I took North America and buffed up my borders!  We never got a winner, but...  we also didn't get to use my cards that I made for the game (you get one per turn and save them up, and they give all sorts of bonuses!) but it was a good time.

Also on the subject of RISK, check out this AWESOME project I found on Coolminiornot.  A guy named James Travers made, for his fathers 50th birthday, a Zulu-themed Risk game.  It is METICULOUS... he made sure that the "continents" had the same number of territories, and even that they have the same number of connections to other lands... really detailed work.  The forces are made using miniatures, and he used photoshop to make a lot of great pieces.  Go on over to Coolmini and give it a look!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Space Wolf done, and a third started

Howdy all,

Well, another guy done!

The beard on this fellow is a greenstuff addition.  I think the long beard is a good look for the Wolves.  I like the addition of the cross and tail on the back... it sort of makes it look like the Termie himelf has a wolf tail, which I like.  I have also decided generally against any insignia or anything, although I may change my mind... I sort of like the way they look just in grey armor.  It is a bit less fancy and fluffy.

I had wanted to do some chipping on the armor, but tried it a touch and couldn't pull it off, so I am not going to take the chance.  Oh well.

Another guy is underway... hopefully get him done in the near future!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Space Wolf Terminator done!

The first Wolfguard is done!

This guy was my "test figure" to make sure that the color scheme worked, and I had a basing method down... and I think I do.  Unfortunately he is my LEAST favorite of the five Termies, but what can you do:)

Overall very happy with the way he turned out... I dipped the figure to create a sense of cohesion with the armor colors, but NOT the base... don't think it needs it, and want it to have a different "finish" than the figures.  The base turned out pretty cool; thank you for finding them, readers!:)

So!  That is one down... the next is half done... he is a chap with dual Lightning Claws and a flowing red beard.  I think he looks sharp.

BTW, anyone else finding a bit messed up with their photo/text formatting?  Been a MESS recently... some change in code is NOT doing what they think it should be doing. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some paint on the first Wolf Guard Terminator

Hey all,

Well, I got a little paint on the first termie... MAN, they are INTRICATE to paint!  What a pain in the ass.  I guess I hadn't really thought about it, and there is a lot of careful painting that needs doing if you want to retain ANY type of black line.  Yikes.

So far staying VERY gray... not sure I will add any more color to this guy, but he might need a spot of yellow or something.  I sort of like the idea of all gray, however... more "armor" like.  We'll see.

After looking at them the next morning, I am afraid that the highlight is too light, compared to the main of the plates.  Uh oh.  Will I have to repaint the whole damn thing?  Hm.  Maybe a dip would help tie it together?  Man.  Do I have to repaint all of the plates?  Man.

So.  More detail to go!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WOW! LOTS of Perry plastics on the way!

Holy cow!

Just checked out the latest Perry plastics that are in the pipe... and WOW!

My favorite of the bunch is that we are FINALLY getting some AWI plastics!  Oh BOY... I can't wait for these!  I will definitely have to put together a few units:)

They also have a TON of plastic Napoleonics, including Austrians, Rusians, and Prussians... CRAZY!  You can actually do a HUGE number of Napoleonics armies out of primarily Perry plastics.  Awesome.

And of course they have some ACW on the way in the form of some charging Rebs.

Overall, an AWESOME set of plastics on the way.

Final Two Terminators Assembled

Well, the last two Terminators are done!

I went with a guy with a pair of lightning claws, and then a guy with a storm bolter and a power fist.  This makes two guys with close combat weapons (thunder hammer and storm shield, and pair of claws) and two guys with storm bolters and power fists.  No one posted any suggestions for possible load outs, so I went basically simple and with what I thought looked good.

I added some stuff to each guy, including a cross and wolf tail to the claw guy on his back, almost to give the impression of HIM having a tail... you can see that in the photo to the right.

As before, two long beards on these guys... I think they'll look nice when all undercoated up!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Two more Wolf Guard Terminators Rough Assembled

Well, two more guys done!

The guy at the top is armed with a storm bolter and a power fist.  He is clearly whipping around and putting fire on a new target that appeared to his left.

This is the Sergeant for the squad.  I put him together, and then afterwards realized he looks IDENTICAL to the guy from the box cover!  Same head, same arms, same weapons... maybe even the same legs?  Pretty crazy... great minds, I suppose!

Anyway, here are the three finished guys.  I am holding off a bit on finishing the other two until I get some feedback about what weapons are most desirable!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Space Wolf Termie assembled (w/out base)

Well, here is the first Space Wolf termie, basically assembled!

I wanted to do a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield combo because obviously the hammer is an icon of the nordic tradition... so here is this fellow!  I put a tilt plate on the joint of his weapon arm, which would be the more exposed arm, and tried to position him as if he just followed through on a huge shot with Mjolnir there.

I gave him a bit more beard with some green stuff, as I plan to do with a few of the guys... one more guy with a smaller, tighter, square beard, and maybe another flowing one, we'll see.

Anyway... a little more to go on this guy (namely a dagger and a cross on a chain) and, of course, his actual base (please be here soon!)  I am going to angle this guy down a little, and elevate his foot (tried to simulate that in the pose) on some stone.

Please don't miss the last post also, where I solicit advice about the load out for the rest of these boys!

Need advice from Warhammer 40k Players please!

Hey all!

Well, the Wolf Guard got here today, and I've got to start assembling them.  But I did want to ask... any 40k players (especially Space Marine players) want to give some suggestions for the most common or popular load-out for five of these fellows?

I found this list over at From The Fang:

1 Terminator w/ combi-plasma & chainfist
2 Terminators w/ combi-melta & wolf claw
1 Terminator w/ storm shield & wolf claw
1 Terminator w/ cyclone missile launcher, storm bolter & power weapon

Sound reasonable?  I would probably replace the combis with storm bolters because I don't relaly want to do conversions, but...

Or should I say "Forget this!" and just go with what LOOKS badass?  You know... maybe a thunder hammer and shield, an assault cannon, a pair of storm bolter/power fist guys, and a guy with claws?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Found a great post about 25mm wolves!


Check THIS blog entry out... a comparison of about 20 different 25mm / 28mm miniature wolves!

What a find over at 1/72 Multiverse!

Unfortunately, my ideal pick is simply too big... 4 cm or something is probably a bit too big for a 3 cm tall terminator?  It is a shame, because here is one painted up in white, and I think it would look good, pose-wise, with the termies.  And there aren't any that I really adore... maybe the farthest right guy here?  The middle guy here, I like his pose, but he is too small.  What about the guy second from the left in this photo?

Wow, I am having a tough time with this part of the project.  Really hard to make up my mind.

And if anyone reading this thinks they might have an interest is buying these guys when they are done, lemme know!

Ah, found another!  His photo to the right!  From Gamezone Miniatures... I think this guy looks perfect.  Big, but perfect.

Okay, some parts purchased... thoughs on wolves?

Hey all!

Well, I ordered the Termies just a few minutes ago from the ever-helpful Neal over at the War Store.  I don't know how many more pleasant people there are to talk to when it comes to buying toy soldiers:)

Also, thanks to the BEAUTIFUL suggestions from blog folks (you guys are fast!) I went with this set of bases pictured above from Secret Weapon.  I do feel like a moron that I ordered them first, and then noticed that The War Store had them for several bucks cheaper... *sigh*  That is the price I pay for not being thorough, I guess.  Damn.  Oh well.  Regardless, I think they will look awful sharp!

Now I just need to settle on a wolf... not sure what to do with this!  I posted a few... I am considering this guy to the right, with some filing and green stuff work, but I have no idea how large he is.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for all of the help so far guys!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Miniatures project... any thoughts to contribute?

Hey all!

Well, I am going to tackle a project that I've wanted to do for a while, although I am planning to sell it afterwards, so help a brother out, let me know if you are interested!

Anyway... the project is actually going to be a Warhammer 40K set.  Crazy, I know... haven't painted any GW stuff in a LONG time.  Not sure what my last was... maybe the original Terminators?  I even tried to find an image of the box, but I couldn't!  But an over the top sort of figure sort of appeals to me at this moment, and I do enjoy the Nordic theme!

This project will be a single unit of Space Marine Wolf Guard terminators.  Five figures.  I want to do a really sharp job with them, with some modest conversions, and mounted on sculpted resin bases.  The captain will have a wolf on a chain leash that he is leading as well.

First, I have to find these guys for sale as cheap as possible.  I'll check the usual places, but I am sure I'll end up at the War Store.

I actually have to find the bases still... I know I've found some in the past, but now I can't!  I am looking for something sort of runic/celtic ruins looking.  If anyone wants to point me in a direction, that would be great.  For now, I'll google switch:)

I am going to also do a wolf on a chain leash that the captain of the squad is holding.  I am thinking about doing a converted citadel wolf of some sort (although I don't know the range that well) but I might also use this guy.  Or what about this guy?  Wait, maybe this guy?  Hm, this is going to take some thought.  Thoughts?

So.  When I order them I'll post more... very sorry to the historical folks, I'll get back on the proper track soon enough!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A GREAT wargames room!

Hey all!

Okay, it has been a LONG time, but I wanted to post this link I found...

From the Architects of War blog, they shared their wargames room... and holy COW.  It might not have all the antiques that the Echoes of War war room has, but it is a GREAT wargames room.  Seriously... lights for night actions?!  Big shelves in the back for holding troops that are ALSO modeled?!  Lights that tie into sound effects?  Uhh... yes please!

Here is the link... go check it out and say something nice!!