Saturday, September 19, 2015

40mm AWI British Grenadiers finished

Hey all!

Well, the latest unit for my son's Christmas present is done!  This time it is the unit of British Grenadiers.

I know there might be a mistake or two, but these are my first AWI units and I really am not always sure what I am looking at with these uniforms!

The figures are from Trident Miniatures, and the wonderful flags are from, as usual, The Flag Dude!

Here are the first two British units done.  Next up for them?  The Hessian jaegers!  But I think the next thing I am painting is none other than George Washington himself!

Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Armada Space-Rocks Space Station and Debris Fields done!

Well, I finished up my space station and my two debris fields!

Above is the space station.  I did a bunch of panels in different colors, but unfortunately they didn't come out in the picture.  A bit of brown wash here and there to age it a little, and voila!

Here are the two debris fields... the one on the left has a destroyed CR90 and piece of a Victory Star Destroyer, and the one on the right a destroyed Nebulon B frigate and the front of a Victory Star Destroyer.  I also put in a TIE Advanced on the left, and an X-Wing on the right.

Here is the second debris field.

And here is the first one, with the CR90.

And finally, here is a big "THROW EVERYTHING IN A PHOTO!" mess of a photo!:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Workbench - 40mm AWI Grenadiers

Hey all!

Well, here is another WIP of my 40mm AWI British Grenadiers for my son for Christmas!

A little more work to do on them, but I'd say they are 90 percent done.

A preview of the Space Rocks Debris Fields... eye candy!

Hey all!

Well, I thought I would post a quick photo that includes one of the finished debris fields!

Next up, the next field, and then the space station, and voila!  Then time to order another set!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Added a Space Slug to my Space Rocks Armada asteroids

Hey all!

Well, after someone mentioned it over on the Armada forum, here is my new addition to my Space Rocks terrain... a space slug, poking out of one of the larger asteroids!  I hope I kept him in some sort of reasonable scale compared to the terrain itself... I know he is smaller than the movie version, but that's fine... plenty of space slugs aren't that big!

I think it turned out okay?  Still needs a matt varnish, so I'll post another shot when it is varnished.  Still have the debris fields to share... one is done, and if I may say, it looks pretty hot:)

Thanks for coming by!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Armada Space Rocks asteroids!

Hi all!

Just thought I would post up the latest!

Like everyone else who plays Armada, I really loved what I saw from the folks over at Space Rocks, a company out of England.  They have a number of products, but clearly the big winner of the bunch is the standard Armada obstacle set.  Three asteroid sets, two debris fields, and a space station.  They come on clear bases, each cut the same size as the ones that come with the game.

So, first up, here are the asteroid fields!

I actually asked these to be sent to me unpainted, because I thought that might get them to me faster, and since I planned to paint them anyway... why not?

I did copy from the WWPD guys and inserted the original set on TOP of the clear set, and drilled through them for the clear posts to fit through.

I gave them a bit of a grey/brown drybrush, and then a lighter shade, and one more lighter shade.  Two of them I did in a slightly different brown, to give some variety.

I did add a little something to these... using some left over X-Wings and TIE fighters from the squadron expansions, and a bit of wire, I added a few destroyed fighters scattered among the asteroids.  I feel like it adds a little something extra to the whole set!

Overall this is a great product.  The only issue some people might have is "What happens when you overlap?"  Well, you can either take out the post, or if you have two core sets (like me) you can just replace it with the matching flat obstacle!