Friday, October 24, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Grenadiers


After getting undercoated in MAY, my Grenadiers have been completed!

This unit has been a long time coming. Rather than dressed in the traditional drab brown greatcoats that the rest of my Russian army wears, I wanted to do the Grenadiers in their more historically-acceptable grey with red
cuffs and collars.

I had a tough time, as the packs I got did not have enough troops in them overall, so I had to improvise. I added the Grenadier officer on the far end of the line screaming orders to the men, and if you look, the second guy from the left, second row in, is actually a converted Frenchman! It is hard to notice though.

I know the flag isn't quite right, but I liked the looks, so in it went!

Anyway... if I get a few more good shots tomorrow I'll put them up, but for now, enjoy!

Figures courtesy of Wargames Foundry.

15mm WWII - German Tiger Tank

Time for the first of the "Big Dogs!"

This is my first Tiger tank for my 15mm WWII German Flames of War collection!

Now... what military guy could resist a Tiger tank or two? These behemoths, while produced in small numbers,
were absolute masters of the battlefield (assuming they didn't get stuck in the mud or were unable to cross a bridge) with a massive 88 as its gun and thick, thick front armor. Cost and intricate design (which led to mechanical problems) eventually brought the Tiger down... along with a TIDE of cheap-o Shermans... but the Tiger tank will ALWAYS have a place in any military historians heart as one of the meanest, ugliest, and most dangerous damned tanks to ever exist.

Mine has a radio antena fashioned out of a thin piece of screen wire. The commander is a top half of a guy cut and glued in. The front tarp is made of rolled and painted green stuff.

Model courtesy of Battle Front!

25mm Nap. Russians - Light Infantry

Hi all!

Sorry it has been so long since there has been a serious update at The House of War! I thought I would rectify that over the next day or two with a few shots of troops.

First up; my only unit of Russian light infantry from my 25mm Napoleonic collection.

The Russian army is not famous for its vast hordes of light infantry, like the French, or their rifles, like the English. Rather, the Russians had fewer light infantry than many of the European powers. My Russian army features only a single unit of Russian light infantry.

The light infantry, much like the French lights, are based on spread-out movement trays meant for screening. The trays, much like the French, are built as wide as a standard infantry tray, so a single stand of light infantry can screen an advancing line regiment. I like this look, because it also keeps the army uniform!

Now, I did give these guys flags, even though they probably wouldn't have
them... always err on the side of flags, my daddy always said! I love the way they turned out; the faces are very sharp, although I do wish I had some in shakos and a few in greatcoats!

Minis courtesy of Wargames Foundry!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Workbench

Well, my plan of posting an embarassing photo of guys who have sat unfinished on my workbench since May seems to have worked!

I got working on these guys again finally, and they are starting to come together. I've got to grass their movement tray, and then do their faces and a few other details and my Grenadiers will be ready for their flags and their glamour shots!

I am sorry this photo looks very yellow and off; they look a bit nicer in person:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ohhh... Perry Plastic British!

Ohhh holy cow!

The Perrys have finally released some pictures of their 3ups of their upcoming British plastics! Hot dog! They look really, really good. This has actually put a little crimp in my Fall In plans... I think it might be worthwhile to save some money and maybe pay for these guys to get painted! We'll see, but I would love a British Nappy army... and the figures look great.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The ACW guys are packed to go...

Well, I am packing up the 15mm ACW collection and most of my scenery for hosting a test game of my Muskets and Moustaches rules (albeit for ACW) this Saturday with a New Jersey gaming crew... the group includes at least one published rules author, so I am hoping that there is not too much fun made of me:) Above is a shot of the scenery... the same stuff that is coming to Fall In in a few weeks for a demo game!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Muskets and Moustaches Version 2

Hello all!

Well, in anticipation of my first serious playtest with a group of gamers, here is version 2 of Muskets and Moustaches! There have been bits and pieces added and moved around, and close combat has seen a revision, so please do come by and give it a look!

As per request, I've also put up a version that has no pictures at all, so if that is more your style, please give it a look!

Here is the version with photos

Here is the version without photos

Enjoy, and if you want to see these rules in action, stop by our ACW game at Fall In!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Workbench

I thought I would post a photo of these guys with the hope that this would get my rear end in gear on them!

This unit of Russian Guards has sat, half finished, for MONTHS... yes, they got their undercoat in MAY! Has anyone EVER taken SIX MONTHS to paint a unit?! For some reason I just cannot get myself to work on them! So... I have a unit of 15mm Federals to finish, and then, dammit, I am doing these guys!

Wish me luck!