Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ohhh, things are quiet!

Hey all!

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't gotten much posted recently... we are smack dab in the toughest time of the year with work, and with that, three days of physical therapy a week for a bum shoulder, beginning to push to a finish on my latest video game project, and a six week old, I have just not found time for toy soldiers!

But fear not... I'll be back to posting soon:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A revolutionary wargames product... and charity to boot!


Hello all!

Okay... remember how, some months back, I mentioned working on a super secret wargames project?  A unique wargames project that was unlike anything ever done before?

Well... it is here!

I want to extend a hearty wargames welcome to Gordon and Hague Wargaming!

This new company, founded by a wargaming and reenacting enthusiast, was created with the idea of making wargaming accessible and easy to ALL folks, painters and non-painters, those with some free time and the rest of us who don't have much at all!

Not only are they releasing a free set of full-color, filled-with-awesome-photos rules, but more importantly they are releasing what I think is the first EVER line of pre-painted, ready-to-go-out-of-the-box (or blister pack) American Civil War wargames figures!

It is a 10mm line of plastic ACW miniatures.  They come in larger "army deal" boxes that are modeled on Civil War ammunition boxes (you can see the back of the Federal Starter Army box to the left) along with "booster" blister packs that you can use to beef up your forces!  They come painted and based, and ready to roll!

The website also has available a number of "extra" products, including a large range of "Army Painter" products, as well as links to all sorts of scenery manufacturers, as well as an entire section dedicated to newcomers and ANOTHER entire section dedicated to Hobby Projects... in short, everything you need to get to wargaming!

And the cherry on the sundae?  They are donating a part of their proceeds to the Civil War Preservation Trust!  The Trust is dedicated to preserving and maintaining Civil War battlefields across the United States, and to educating our people about the great sacrifices so many Americans had to make in order to make our Nation what it is today.  Come on... you can't get much better than that!

So!  Looking for something to stick under the tree for your son or daughter?  Looking to get a Union or Confederate army on the table without spending the next six months painting?  Looking for a one-stop-shop for everything American Civil War?  Well... head on over to Gordon and Hague and pick up some of maybe the most unique wargames project of some years!

Oh, and check them out on Facebook too!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some textures and graphics that might be of use to wargamers!

Hey all!

Okay... things are REALLY slow right now because of the new baby, but I thought I would post some of the textures I put together for my chateau.  If people want to steal them and use them, go ahead!

I am also including a link to an AWESOME graphic of 25mm rugs that I found on the blog "Adventures in Lead".  This is a GREAT little treat for ANY wargamers... check it out HERE.

Anyway... here you go!

A stone floor:

Some wallpaper:

A tile floor:

 A wooden floor:

What are these guys worth?

Hey all!

Found a bunch of Epic 40k guys that I am selling... anyone want to hazard a guess at what they might be worth?  I find that I have absolutely no idea!:D  It is a huge mixed box of guys, a bunch of Knights, an Imperator titan, some orc warbuggies, and some half sprues of chaos.

Any advice is welcome!