Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading to Italy... any wargames suggestions?

Ciao all!

The wife and I leave for Italy in a couple of days, spending two weeks wandering through Rome and Florence and staying at a bed and breakfast in the Tuscan countryside... good stuff!

Anyway... anyone recommend any wargames shops or anything I should check out while in Italia? I'll be in Rome, Florence, and Perugia for the majority of the time.

"See" you all when I get back!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A figure painting 10 years in the making...


Well, I had wanted to paint this figure FOREVER. From Foundry, this fellow had always been one I had been interested in painting. For some reason he had always held my interest... maybe it was a lifelong enjoyment of the Norse myths, the tales of Loki and Thor that I feel have such a meaty love of life and humor. This guy is a clear homage to Odin, what with a raven on his shoulder, and even has an upside-down mjolnir on his belt buckle.

Now, he is a bit too big, probably to go with the rest of my vikings. I did complete working on them, and even did a movement tray for the bezerkers. It has a dead horse on it, the idea of which I like... but I am not sure the execution will be up to par. It will take a few bushes scattered among the bases and trays, I think, to really get them looking right. In fact, I will likely put one on the base of the big boss here!

Anyway... hope everyone enjoys! I'll be getting paint on the eight vikings and the two captains next!

Finished up making the next group of Vikings...

Okay, let me apologize; a NO PHOTO POST!! Argh!

But fear not, photos are coming; the camera battery is just dead:)

I finished constructing and undercoating my second unit of Vikings. I also did my two last bezerkers, my two scouts, and my two captains. These guys are undercoated and ready to go, and I think they will all look great!

I ALSO finished up the Foundry guy who will be the sort-of-figurehead, sort-of-leader for the group... and by finished up I mean painted too:) I dipped him and he is drying... then a touch more paint, some flock, and some varnish, and viola, done! I am going to make his movement tray with the captains, and give the berzerkers a 4 man tray of their own, maybe with a dead horse on it:)

Pictures later this evening!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Latest 25mm Vikings...

Hey all,

Well, the Viking big boss finally arrived, so I thought I'd start in on them again!

So... a few thoughts.

First off... yikes. The Foundry Viking boss I got is WAYYY too big. Honestly, too big I think to be a realistic leader for this group. What I might do is, intellectually, I might simply call him some sort of demi-god and leave it at that. I planned to base him with the berzerkers, which I guess is fine as they would sort of be inspired by him, or his most faithful warriors...

I also went ahead and made two scout-like guys. They have no armor or shields... just a helmet, bow and arrows, and a sword. They will actually be put right in the units of eight... two of the units will have a single scout, and one will get a guy with a horn and banner. While one guy came out fine, I am not in love with the other (the guy on the left.) The arm carrying the bow was just a pain to get on facing the correct direction... I may still cut it off and do some major surgery to have the guy carrying the bow at a lower angle. The bodies, btw, are from the unarmored Celts sprue from Fall In 2010... provided both scouts and my berzerkers!

I did make two regular vikings that will go with the second unit of eight... one is armed with a spear, and the other is taking a two-handed swipe with his sword. Both guys turned out fairly good.

Lastly I went ahead and used two bodies for captains! I figured I'd make two, as that would work well if this was a single force under the Odin-like guy (the boss and his two captains) or, if I play without the Odin guy and I split the Vikings to play against each other, one boss per side.

I mounted them both standing on rocks and with bare heads so they stand out a bit from the regular troops... it makes them a bit more imposing. One guy is standing rather calmly, with a large axe in his hand. I may add a horn to his belt. The other guy is pointing dramatically with his sword at the next target. Notice the helmet that is strapped to his belt.

Overall a productive day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Usagi Yojimbo miniatures?

Hey all!

Okay, an odd request this time!

I am not sure how many folks here know of the comic book "Usagi Yojimbo"... It is a fantastic comic book out of Japan that follows a rabbit samurai through feudal Japan. "Maus"-style, the humans are replaced by animals, but in a human world.

It is a FANTASTIC series, steeped in feudal Japanese history, which I doubly enjoy after taking a few classes on the subject in undergrad... and I always wanted to paint up a set of Usagi miniatures and maybe even create a little skirmish game!

So I wanted to ask; does anyone here know of any Usagi Yojimbo miniatures out there?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a reminder; please check out my XBOX game!

Hey all!

Just a reminder to check out the XBOX live game that I made a few months back... it is a fun little tower defense game with a few unique strategy twists NO other tower defense game has ever had. We just put out an updated version with some new stuff which makes the game even better!

Anyway... here are just a few comments from peer reviewers...

Reviewer 1: It's a great game (I just played for an hour and a half while "reviewing")...

Reviewer 2: Nice job. I played this quite a bit longer than I intended to.

Reviewer 3: Hard as heck, at times feels impossible, but I can't put the controller down...

Reviewer 4: Fun little zombie game.

Reviewer 5: Pass. Very nice game

Reviewer 6: very enjoyable... nice sounds... no garbage

Reviewer 7: I absolutely love this game.

And just last week, from a Microsoft game developer who spent too much time playing the game...

You owe me some serious dev time. I was avoiding this because I though I was over tower defence games, but I must say this is my new favourite. The humvie needing to reach the towers to upgrade and pick up innocents is a fantastic stratergy bender and a brilliant twist on this stale genre. More that anything I really love the random map mode (the name escapes me), I will be playing the crap out of this for a long time to come. The story mode was brilliantly done and I found myself lamenting the end of it; The voice acting was absolutely stellar and really added to the atmosphere. Good stuff all around.

Then, from a few "real" reviewers...

"Game of the Month" -

"Some nice releases in this (weeks) round up, in particular Zombie Armageddon which surprised me a lot... a Tower Defence style game with some nice touches. ... this game looks to be really well made, it does feels cinematic in a strange way." -

"I really enjoyed the new strategic possibilities that Zombie Armageddon offered..."

It is only a couple of bucks, and is honestly fun... the "sandbox" version, which is basically endless, is a lot of fun to waste time with:) You can check it out here:

Anyway, would love for some of you guys to try it out:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Vikings are done!

Hey all!

Whelp, the Vikings are done! I am glad to have these guys done... I really enjoyed working on them! The last piece, which was doing the shields, probably took the longest... however, in the end, they were fairly simple. I did do one guy with a stylized dragon icon on his shield, but I am not sure if it turned out great... still, it is fine. I also couldn't find any good references on tattoos or warpaint for the bezerkers, so they ended up without. The dip came out a bit thick in one or two spots (on a leg, on a piece of a shirt) but overall I think they look good. Maybe not A+ amazing, but good.

The movement tray worked out perfect; it is a War of the Rings tray I got, in a pack of 3, when my local hobby shop closed down for about 3 bucks. It was a tight fit at first when I had sanded the base, but that worked itself out.

I still have more of these guys to do... another two bezerkers (and a tray for them) and then another 16 warriors. Among those I'll do probably three horn/banner guys as well, and a captain of some sort or two, with bare heads to set them apart and more ornate bases. I also need to do just a touch of tidying up of the bases, and eyes for the one bezerker... I totally forgot that!:) Then it is just the big guy himself who needs finishing... once he finally gets here!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More work done on the Vikings...

Hey all!

Well, despite work being an absolute bear right now (nothing like those leave-at-7:15-AM-stop-working-at-9-PM-days!) I still got 45 minutes of painting time today...

I got the facial hair and the wood done on the weapons, as well as shoes and a few other details (backs of the shields.) All that is left is the white of some teeth, the gold of the belt buckles, the hilts on the swords, highlights on the hair, and then...

.. the shields!

They scare me a bit, having not done shields in years and years, but I will just copy from folks whose work I like, and it will be fine!

Thanks for coming by!