Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Blucher" Proof of Concept - Custom Movement tray/card

Hi all!

Well, the blog might be generally dead, but I am still doing the occasional bit of toy soldiering, when I am not taking care of the newborn or working.

So I thought I would share my latest!

Now, Sam Mustafa's rule set for large scale Napoleonic battles, "Blucher", is coming out relatively soon.  I've seen the cards, and while I love the idea for newbies... well... I, Sir, am no newbie!  So I thought I would play around a bit with a combo card/movement tray!

So, here is the first attempt.  It is using a low-res copy of the card itself, obviously, and isn't perfect, but I like the general idea.  I tried to keep it pretty close to the actual cards, because I like that idea:)  That said, I think I am going to work on a different version... one that A) includes the information in a more condensed form of some sort, and B) one that has the tray itself separate from the unit information, so that you can change the unit info game by game.

But still... I think this looks very cool.  To be honest, it looks EXCELLENT in person... the blinds almost have the feel of old-school wooden block representations of soldiers!

I actually have a few upcoming posts, including some Christmas goodness and FINALLY a great zombie product I've had sitting on my workbench (now a cardboard box) for a long time!