Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Workbench

Hey all!

Thought I would share... working on the next unit for my son's Christmas gift!  This is a unit of grenadiers.  These guys will take a bit longer than the other units... a lot more random stuff (packs and the like) and I will have to look it all up... I don't know what they all have to look like.  But at the end of the day this is for a four year old, and I am all about simple paint jobs, so if something is a touch off... what can you do?

I am planning on starting a new table soon... for naval games.  I'll share when I do!

Thanks for coming by!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Getting ready for some Space Rocks debris...

Hi all!

Well, I finally caved and ordered the base Armada set from Space Rocks!

For those who haven't seen this product, it is a set of resin pieces and clear bases that overlay your official templates.  They come pre-painted (simply, of course) and look super nice.  Here is a shot of a piece of theirs, from WWPD, who DID do a bit of extra paint work... those smoldering edges are f'ing EXCELLENT.

So anyway, four squadron expansions later, and I can't help but notice I have a few extra X-Wings and TIE Fighters around.  So I am using a bunch to add a bit more carnage to my asteroids and my debris fields... I did the ones above to mount on the actual pieces, sticking out... I think they will look pretty fantastic:)  I will do another TIE Fighter or two, an advance, and who knows, maybe one more X-Wing, if it needs it.

Excited for them to get here already... dumb ordering-from-overseas-slowness!:)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Finished 40mm AWI Militia

Hey all!

Sorry for the blog being so quiet; we were away for a time, and then I had a medical thing that took several weeks, so its been busy!

I finished these guys up a few weeks ago, and thought I would share!

This is the first unit of militia for my son's Christmas gift... there will be two of this size.

Here is the commander and the standard.  The face of the commander got a bit funky; I think I may retouch it.  Unfortunately I got the dreaded sandy black spray effect on the guy with the flag!  I think it isn't too noticeable, but it did a NUMBER to his face:(

Here is one of the militia, and a lady!  Yes, I know there shouldn't be a girl, but I figure it is a good example for my boy that girls can do anything.  I DID end up doing a tiny bit of green stuff work on her, giving her a stray strand of hair over her face...

And a ponytail in back.  I want her to look like a girl!:)

Here are the last two, including a guy kneeling next to his drum.

So!  I am halfway done with the grenadiers; I'll post some WIP shots soon!

Thanks for coming by!:)