Sunday, March 7, 2021

My latest Blitz Bowl team is nearing completion...


Here they are... an Imperial Nobility team!

Have to do their coin, marker, and their balls!

Just another... six, I think... teams to go?

Some 15mm Old West miniatures

Hey all! 

Well, I started up a new project... a 15mm Old West collection!

I won't write too much right now (I actually wrote a short article that I hope may find its way into Wargames Illustrated...?) but I did want to take some photos and share them!

These first few shots are from a game my son and I played... it was a very near thing!  This was my gang moving up into town, where my son had holed up in the saloon!

And here are some shots of the individual cowboys (dismounted and mounted), a bad NPC gang, and my civilians!