Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wrecked 15mm Humvee... an objective marker

Hey all!

Well, got this wrecked humvee from Peter Pig... I wasn't so sure about it before I started painting it, but now... I think it looks great.  I'll use it as an objective marker in my 15mm moderns rule set!

Friday, January 23, 2015

15mm Modern Abrams finished

Hi all!

Well, I've finally added an Abrams to my collection!

This was a 1:100 scale Johnny Lighting tank.  I'll be honest, it is pretty fantastic.  Unfortunately, I also hit a snag with it in that after I painted it, when I went to dip it the dip was thick like syrup and black!  Dammit!  I rubbed off as much as I could and then resprayed, but the spray paint was now too thick... and as I tried to scrub it off I broke the 50 cal off... so overall I am really unhappy with how it turned out:(  One of my more depressing toy soldier moments.

Here is a shot from the back so you can see the stowage.

And here is the stowage when I had sculpted/glued it all on.  So much good detail, lost in several layers of stupid spray paint and a single layer of like-glue varnish:(

Here it is next to my other vehicles... suitably bad ass, if you ask me.  I DO need to go in and add a little grass to the stand, though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zombie survivors, and an EXCELLENT product!

Hey all!

Finished up two more zombie survivors!  One man in a suit with corduroy pants, and a little girl, heavily armed!

Along with them I can also show the first two pieces from a WONDERFUL set of equipment... two from a set of bags from Simon Hunter over at TMP, who I think runs Project Zeke miniatures!

Here is bag #1... a pretty excellent standard canvas military duffle!  I love this piece... it is something you see ALL THE TIME, but almost NEVER on toy soldiers!  I did add the straps, using a bit of green stuff.  I went with a desert camo, rather than traditional green.  I love the flap folded over on the top!

Here is the second bag, a FANTASTIC bear/backpack, ideal for a kid, or in this case a little girl!  Again, I added the stripes using green stuff.  I love this one... sure, it sort of breaks the "realistic" mold I was using for my survivors, but it is that PERFECT bit of pulp that looks so good in a zombie game!

Here is the guy from the front... I called him Roger, originally, from Mad Men, but now I call him Marty, as in Marty Scorsese.  The jacket and pants are colorful; I was trying to avoid a standard black suit.  I am not in love with how he turned out, but he looks okay in person.

Here is the girl... I think she looks pretty good:)

And here they are together.  Overall a nice addition to my collection of zombie survivors, and some GREAT bags from Simon!  There are two more in the set that I am going to use as a "loot" counter... I'll post those later, as well as Simon's email (when he gives me permission!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some new 15mm moderns bought and painted!

Hi all!

Well, after not really touching toy soldiers for several months, I got a bit inspired by my last work.

So I ordered a TON of new stuff, and painted some up!

First up is a squad of SpecOps... maybe Delta or something?  Unfortunately the spray I used for them came out grainy, so they aren't perfect, but overall I think they turned out fine.  Hard to photograph, but fine!:)

Here is my sniper, camped out on a rooftop.

Here he is again, giving cover to the guys below.

And here are some hostages taken by local insurgents!  I have one guy in a suit, who might be a minister or something, and three guys blindfolded and bound, who I will use as captured soldiers.

Overall I feel like these guys are good additions to the force!  I still have an Abrams, a Blackhawk, an EOD team, some medics, and a wrecked humvee on the way:)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A bunch of shots of a 15mm moderns game

Hi all!

Well, a few days ago a buddy of mine came by, and we played a bunch of rounds of my 15mm moderns game!

The rules are still being perfected, but overall they are a great excuse for pushing toy soldiers around.  Basically you have an objective a certain number of "squares" away, with each square represented by a randomly generated set of city blocks set up on the board.  You go from board to board, getting closer and closer to the objective.

Anyway... I took some photos (although not an AAR type of thing) and thought I would post them!

Here our two squads enter the first city blocks on their search for the insurgent leader.  On the left is a wide-open market place.  The street reaches a T junction midway through the board.

And of COURSE the market is full of bad guys, including an enemy technical!  You can see some Marines who took position on a nearby roof to provide cover, while the Stryker moves around to engage the technical.  One insurgent actually hit the Stryker with an RPG and did HUGE damage to it... not a good start!

A shot in the next block as our two squads approach a possible IED carefully, while possible enemy targets linger to the right.  I don't know why that palm tree is on the building there... I think we put it there and didn't notice!

We did get ambushed in these blocks pretty hard, and while we took it to the insurgents we lost two guys, KIA!  Argh!

Our battered force enters the third section of blocks.

We got absolutely jumped on here by insurgents along the route we needed to take to get closer to the objective.

Here is another shot of that fight, as our armor moved forward, our infantry sheltering behind it.

My buddy's squad was pretty beast all night; they cut down the enemies who were trying to ambush our troops!

Here one Marine barrels through a building to get to the enemy.  I figured that I should take a photo, since the building interior was finished:)

Just a money shot of two technicals:)

The next section of streets was interesting, as there was a HUGE clump of potential targets in a small alleyway market.

And another potential target in a delivery area.

Our vehicles took the lead...

While three of my soldiers took up overwatch positions on the roof of a local mosque.

A possible IED slowed the whole advance down.

... just in time for a MASSIVE ambush!  Two RPG rounds JUST missed the Stryker and the Humvee, which was shot full of holes nonetheless.

Another shot of the pretty nasty ambush... an enemy technical waited at the end of the road!

A FEROCIOUS storming of the enemy position REALLY paid off, though!  My buddy's Marines hit the place with grenades and then stormed in and absolutely SLAUGHTERED the enemy, who maybe weren't ready for an assault.

More Marines advance, using the Stryker as cover.

Insurgents shoot down from windows across the street.

And the technical pulls out and puts fire on the Stryker, doing damage... the Stryker is smoking and limping along at this point.

But the Stryker and Humvee return fire, turning the technical into a giant fireball!

We left off there.  I did take a shot of my buddy's dominant squad, which cleared enemy position after enemy position (with some help from their Humvee!)

And here is the entire US crew.

Anyway... it isn't really an AAR... just took shots of the game as we played!

Some fantastic 6mm Napoleonics

Hi all!

A buddy of mine purchased a FANTASTIC collection of painted 6mm Napoleonics down at Fall In.  I mean, they are BEAUTIFUL.  Of course, they are all he will ever need... although he then went and bought a ton of unpainted figures to add to it!

Anyway, here are a few photos!:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A great Christmas gift...

Hi all!

Well, I thought I would post about a fantastic Christmas gift I got!

I had seen that the Perry Twins, who I think are the best in the business, put out a book of pure toy soldier eye candy goodness.  To me, that is maybe the greatest news in history, and thankfully my family bought it for me!  It is called "Masters in Miniature" and wow, what a fantastic thing to own!

It has shots from all of the Perry collections, including of course the Napoleonics...

The ACW... love those havelocks!

And the Rev War!

There were, of course, other impressive bits.  I particularly liked their samurai... wow.  I did wish that a few of the photos were lit a little bit better, particularly in the Napoleonic section, so we could really enjoy the color of the uniforms, but overall it was really beautifully done.

 I liked this page most of all!  Ah, to dream that they've maybe once happened upon my blog... ah.  It can't hurt to dream!:D