Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Rebel 1.4 FD cannon for Star Wars Legion, painted!

Hi all!

Well here is the next piece of painted Star Wars Legion gear, a painted Rebel 1.4 FD gun emplacement!

Now, everyone knows these from Hoth, and they DO come with Echo base troops, but I found that I could paint them up to match the current guys easy enough.

As long as the basing worked, then the gun was fine.  Overall happy with how they turned out!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Han Solo and Chewie, painted, for Star Wars Legion

Hey all!

Well, as I mentioned, I painted a TON of Legion stuff recently... so here are Han and Chewie.

Chewie is a great model, but looking at him, I really should have taken the time to sculpt a bit of fur to cover up the joints... I've just gotten a bit lazy, I think?

Han is a MUCH nicer figure than I expected... I find that the Legion figures photograph SO poorly; the photos rarely get across their heftiness.  

I painted Han's coat to match the camo scheme of my rebel troopers, so he fits in but still looks like Han.