Saturday, February 23, 2019

A few more shots of the Perry "Retreat from Moscow" figures

Hi all!

Well, since I had the lights set up, I thought I would snap a photo or two of some random stuff... in this case, a few groups of my Perry "Retreat from Moscow" army!

Here you can see the unit from behind, with all of the little extras in the back.

And the unit from the front again.

Here is a unit of skirmishers... a mix of cavalry and infantry and even a woman!

Not sure they will survive the trip back to Paris...

Friday, February 22, 2019

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists expansion, painted!

Hi all!

Well, as I mentioned, I HAVE been painting... and here is the latest Legion figures, the Rebel expansion!

Now I didn't get too creative with these, and went with roughly the standard paint job for the commander.  I did add an earing, though, and I did give the female specialist longer hair.

These guys, I went full traditional.  I think the touch of gloss on the medical droids syringe worked well!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

My 6mm ACW figures under the lights...

Hey all!

Well, since the lights were set up, I thought I'd take a couple decent shots of the 6mm ACW collection.

Above you can see a smattering of the Rebels, including a unit I did a bit of work on to make them into an early war Virginia unit, with mostly kepis... you can see them on the left of the photo.

And here are some Federals, including a few units I did some work on... a unit of Zouaves and also the 8th Wisconsin, complete with Old Abe in the front (far left... not sure you can make out the eagle?  I used the eagle from the top of a flag pole... you can maybe see the white head?)

This is a large collection (this is only a few stands) but I really love them.  I'm currently working on some scenery to go with them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

10mm Star Wars : Battle of Hoth project!

Hey all!

Okay, I got inspired recently by talk of Star Wars: Legion, and the idea about what the game COULD have been, done at a smaller scale.

So after seeing what a few people did with Ertl kits and Micro Machines, I thought I'd give it a shot!

Now, all of this is basically just proof-of-concept... I have a TON more to do, but I wanted to do a little bit of most things just to see how they turned out.

So first up, here are the Imperial Walkers... an AT-AT and some AT-STs.  I have a bunch more to build, but for now, they look fine.

Here is the Imperial infantry.  You can see Vader and Veers at the front, and some Death Troopers off on the flank.  I also got some Imperial Troop Transports to move them around on the ground.

Here is the air power!  I got a bunch of Imperial Shuttles to move troops around, and a ton of Snowspeeders to give the Rebels some air support.

Here is the Rebel infantry... it includes some turrets, some 1.4 guns, and a mix of regular infantry units and heavy weapon units (the two man stands.)  There are also some command stands, including most of the biggest heroes!

Here is a close-up of the heroes.  Luke is on the left; he is a regular Rebel soldier, with a bit of a work done with a drill and a piece of wire to make the lightsaber.  Then come R2 and C3PO.  In the middle is Leia.  Then comes Han (again, a regular Rebel trooper, painted to look like Han) and Chewie... and finally Lord Vader himself.

Now I did put dice frames on each stand... a single one on anything without armor, and two for vehicles with shields.  

So overall I think they turned out pretty cool... next up is considering some scenery, and putting together the rest of the figures!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A bunch of additions to the Room!

Hey all!

Well, the blog has been QUIET AS HECK... but I haven't been just sitting around.  I've actually got some stuff done!  It's just been tough getting photos.

First up?  Some additions to the room... and just about the final ones!

First up... thrill of all thrills... my room ended up getting a short article in Wargames Illustrated!  Now, I was just over the moon about it, and thought it would be a cool addition to the room itself!

So a quick framing later, and now I have the article hanging up right next to the bar... so as you get a drink, you can read a bit!

So for Christmas I got a fantastic piece... a repro 1851 Colt Navy!  It is one of my favorite all-time pistols... just a beauty.  To go with it I also picked up a fantastic 18th century French naval pistol... and original found in an outfit in northern New York.  

Over the summer I ordered this piece... an AWI cartridge box repro.  I needed more AWI stuff, and I thought this, with the excellent badge, fit the bill!

And finally I have these three awesome buttons, dug up by an amateur treasure hunter on my parents' property... maybe the best thing in the room.

So overall the room is feeling very good!  It's JUST about full up... one or two small things to go, and I'll be done!:)