Sunday, November 27, 2016

My new modular Star Wars tiles!

Hey all!

Well, after I made those three Star Wars play tiles for my son, I went ahead and made a bunch more!

Again, I tried to keep them generic, so they could be used by either side.  Also, I kept them very low-detail and clutter... they are meant really for playing on, and I didn't want them being so fiddly they would get broken or would be annoying to play with.

They can be configured in any sort of way, and also are made so they can just be spread out, with the space in between being hallways or whatever ones imagination makes it!

Anyway, here is a look at each one...

Here are two... a generator room, and a spaceship repair room/landing pad.

Two more, including my first "oversized" one... a med bay, and a command center, complete with a vid screen showing a Star Destroyer on orbit.

Another two rooms... a "rec" room for soldiers, complete with a newspaper and a checker board, and a prison block.

Finally, the one room that would be hard to use for BOTH sides... the Emperors Throne room, complete with Death Star model

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A great Star Wars project for my son

Hey all!

Well, in an evening of inspiration in the garage, I cobbled together these play tiles for my son!

He has an ever-growing collection of Micro Machine Star Wars figures that he LOVES playing with, so I figured I'd make him some quick, modular "sets" to play on.

They are meant as squares that can be played apart, but also linked together if he wants.  One is a prison, one a command room, and one a repair hanger.  They are meant to be used for either side; I've avoided any identifying markings.

I am making three more, including one that will likely be exclusive to the Empire... the Emperors Throne room.  So far, he loves them!:)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!