Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A new "The Walking Dead" campaign

Hi all!

Well, my son and I have started a new "The Walking Dead" campaign, so I thought I would share some photos! 

We played one uneventful game, but then I started taking photos.  First up was this food supply run!

So we decided we would stick together, and work our way behind the newspaper stand and bus stop to check the supply stashes there first.

We crept up towards the alley...

... but suddenly the zombies must have caught wind of us, as some bad event cards sent them our way!

While we were able to dispatch the one that lurched down the alley at us, some more began to come up the street, and a few terrible cards in a row (darn you, Pandemonium!) left us barely six inches into the table and already closing in on a high threat level!  We decided to simply cut out at that point, although we did take some damage for not having food.

The next mission was a defensive supply run. 

My son ducked into the mobile home, and we promptly rolled that there was a zombie in there!  But it ended up generating in the bathroom, and he was able to sneak in and sneak out without it catching wind of him.

The blare of a car alarm cut through the air, and while it helped draw zombies away from the center of the board, it rapidly began to elevate the threat level...

My guy jumped into a nearby house and searched for goods...

... while my son's guy snuck up behind a zombie in a park and grabbed some supplies.

At this point, courtesy of the car alarm, the threat level was skyrocketing, and we decided to cut out.  My son's guy made it out, but the zombies were completely agitated, and noticed my guy trying to run away!  They chased after him, causing him to panic and scream, which drew the nearest zombie right onto him!  Thankfully he was able to beat it back and get off the board even in his panicked state.  Unfortunately the threat level had reached the max, and so my guy was unavailable for the next mission and would suffer damage in between... getting lost is dangerous!

Here is the next mission, a food run, which was huge, because we NEEDED food.  I brought the female survivor from our group, and my son brought his usual guy. 

We quickly moved up the street and snagged some supplies that were in the shipping crate and UPS truck before turning around and coming back to approach the 7-11 from the front.

We carefully threaded our way through the dump...

... and then moved up and engaged the zombies at the front of the 7-11!

Sandra managed to knock hers down and get into the store to grab some supplies, while my son's guy knocked his zombie down and then moved in for the kill.

But the threat level was rapidly increasing, and a few bad cards suddenly saw every zombie turn to us and begin to shamble forwards!  It was time to run!

Our guys began to lose their nerve and panic... Sandra began to run as the horde of zombies followed her, and my son's guy let out a scream, which brought a zombie RIGHT to him!  Thankfully he managed to kill it and run off the board, just as the threat level hit max...

... but Sandra didn't have such luck.  She panicked and was promptly overwhelmed by zombies with nowhere to turn!  But even though they rolled something like ten dice, the leather jacket she had found in the UPS truck saved her life, as the zombies must have been distracted by it and did no damage to her!  Instead they lurched backwards clutching the jacket, and she managed to turn and sprint off the table, escaping what we were CONVINCED was certain death!

So here is where we are now.  We've found some decent supplies, but have little food, and our little group of survivors is slowly starving to death.  Fingers crossed the next mission goes well... we drew a mission card, and it turned out to be a gun run!  

I'll post more eventually!


siggian said...

Sounds like an awesome game and the terrain is fantastic. I'll be looking out for more of these games.

Steve J. said...

Not my sort of thing at all but a fantastic looking games board and terrain you have there:).

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking colourful game.