Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brigades and Bearskins v2

Hey all!

Just posting up version 2 of Brigades and Bearskins!

Brigades and Bearskins v2!

I hope I have cleared up some things, and I thank EVERYONE for their help and input, both on the blog and on TMP... I really need the help!

I have included in this version a 2 page "Cheat Sheet" at the end... ideally you would want to print it out back to back, and it includes most of the important charts and such.

I hope folks can give it all a look! And if you want to try them out for real, please do come by Saturday night at the Fall In 2009 wargaming convention and give it a go!

Thanks again!


Coyote said...

Can you describe how you built your game table in regards to foam and felt covering. I asked this in an older post but don't think you saw it

Author said...

Hey man!

Here are a few posts about the table itself... they will probably answer whatever your questions may be!

If you have any questions beyond that, please let me know, I won't miss it this time!:D

Coyote said...

Perfect, thanks. I just need to figure out how I'm going to tighten my felt down. Also need to find a good colour of felt, the stuff they use at the club doesn't look so good.

Docsmith said...

Not into the 10mm myself but I can see how you'd recreate huuuuge battles on your beautiful table - something in 28mm scale that would take two or three of same to field the equivalent. When space is an issue, 10mm or even the 6mm figures come into their own. Your collection is a very nice one too - and as I recall were your larger figures (Russians, Austrians and French?)

BTW I've put a link to your great blog on mine if you've no objection. Please feel free to visit and check it out:

As before, I am quite envious of your superb room - all that and a young family too - I salute you sir!

Craig Welter said...

Coyote, about using felt on the gaming table, the trick, in my opinion, is to find some that is not a solid color. I managed to find felt at a fabric store that had little bits of different shades of green, and that looks MUCH better than a solid color.

Here you can see some pictures of the felt I found:

Also, I really like these rules. I especially like the way you've managed to work in the officer personliaties in a simple way.

James Issara Chevallier said...

I can't download the rule anymore. It said, the filed doesn't exist. Where can I find this interredting rule?

Author said...

Hey James!

If you want, shoot me an email at grenadierguardscampaigns AT yahoo DOT com and I can email you a copy of the rules. I am not sure how well they play, but you don't know until you check them out I suppose!:D

James Issara Chevallier said...

I sent you an email a few days ago. Have you got it?