Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beginning a 15mm American Civil War table...

Howdy all!

Well, I've finally got the War Room getting back into shape, and one of the last steps is offloading all of the stuff for the table out of the boxes and back onto the table!

For this current set-up, which will be up past Christmas (and therefore around if, perchance, I get a nice camera for Christmas!) I have settled on a 15mm ACW table.

I've primarily decided this because it will give me incentive to paint up the new redoubts and gabions that I got at Fall In! They are scrubbed and undercoated, and so today maybe I'll get some paint on them.

The idea of the table is a Confederate fort being attacked. The fort will be on the low ridge to the rear of the table... the building and tents mark where the center of the fort will be. There will be the edges of a small town beside the fort, and lots of woods on the other side of the river... the idea being that the people of the town and the soldiers in the fort have cleared a lot of the woods on their side of the river. There are some ridges and hills around the outside of the table as well. I have a bridge as well that will go where there is a gap in the river.

So this is the basic layout... I think I'll play with it a bit more, and then start putting down the bushes/hedges/fences! If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please do share!:D

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