Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Aurelian" is done!

Hey all!

I know things have been SUPER quiet here on the blog... two kids, a big family Disney trip, and a huge month of work have just clobbered me... but that doesn't mean I am not around! 

I DID get an email today with some interesting new though... Sam Mustafa's Ancients game, "Aurelian," is all finished up!

I did have the chance to play the game a bit during development (as well as take some photos) and while I am primarily a gunpowder fellow, I thoroughly enjoyed the game.  The big masses of infantry, unwieldy but tough... the light skirmishers, who you need to manage so carefully and who can be either so fragile or so useful... the large numbers of cavalry, flowing across the fields... it was GREAT fun!  I think the most memorable moment was when we were playing a 2 v 1 game (the poor one, DJ, was a good sport!) and our Roman line was entrenched on a hill... on the rest of the field, things were going poorly, and then just as it seemed we were about to lose we charged the entire line down the hill, CRUSHING the barbarians in front of us!  It was great fun:)

Okay, a few notes about the game itself.

First, and this might sound SHOCKING... but the game will be offered ONLY as a PDF!  Now, it is a nice color PDF, but still, nice and affordable, especially for those of us who aren't primarily Ancients gamers and want to try something new.  It is a card based game, as the last few Honour games have been... while I was originally a skeptic, I have to admit I am a total convert now, as you can inject SO much flavor and so much management into a card system that would require endless charts and special rules to work into a purely-dice system.  Like "Longstreet" and "Blucher" there will be a whole campaign system... Roman players can be crowned Emperor, barbarian players can expand out of their dark forests and rampage through civilizations... I've really come to love the campaigns:)

Anyway... for more info, go ahead over to and check the forums and front page for more info... it seems the game will be out before the new year, so within a month or so!  And if you want a REAL treat, check out the free podcast from Sam, outlining the different features of the game and the thoughts beyond the game design... if you haven't yet downloaded one of his podcasts to listen to in the car, you are missing a treat; it is really really rare to get a game designer who is so thoughtful AND who is a natural teacher of information doing this sort of thing.  Here is the link for it:

Good times!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

15mm Star Wars!

Hey all!

Well, for my son's birthday, I had to get SOMETHING... so I found a bunch of 15mm Star Wars figures from the Micro Machines line!

Of course, the toy soldier collector in me wouldn't leave well enough alone...

So, I added shoulder pads and comms to two of the storm troopers to make them officers, made the rebels a bit more diverse, and then picked out four rebel troopers with black pants and gold helmets as elites.

I also touched up one of the pilots, because they were the exact same and I wanted one to be different.

I am just waiting for the last set, which is the classic characters, and then his birthday present is ready!:)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sam Mustafa does a SPACESHIP game?!

Well, this might sound kind of crazy, but it looks like Sam Mustafa, author of games like Longstreet and Grande Armee and Blucher and Lasalle and Maurice... historical games, one and all... is getting into space ship gaming!  In this particular case, Freejumper, a card based game in which you construct a single ship of your own (your "Freejumper") and go into battle with them!  You decide how big your ship will be, what sorts of systems will be installed, and all the rest... And then manage it all in battle.  Good stuff already... And I already have a bunch of space ship models to use!

For more info, head over to the Honour forums at

The Workbench

Hey all!

Well, here is the next group on the workbench... a unit of Continental militia, for my son's upcoming AWI present!

I'll get some paint on them soon, and share a bit more!

Also, coming up, I picked up some GREAT Star Wars figures for my son for his birthday, and of course did a little touching up... I am sure everyone will get a kick out of them!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

40mm George Washington finished

Hey all!

Well, believe it or not, I've been doing a lot at the House of War... just not a lot of photos to show for it!

I've been playing a lot of Armada, but I feel like I've taken SO many Armada photos that there is no need for anything new until Wave 2 shows up:)

But I ALSO finished up George Washington, for my son's Christmas gift!

A great figure from Trident, George was a pleasure to paint up.  Again, I went SUPER simple, with a REAL minimum of highlighting... mainly just a careful base coat and a wash, with a touch more blue on the coat.  I do wish that he was physically a bit larger... wasn't Washington over six feet?  But still, a fantastic figure.  Yes, I know I shouldn't have painted him with white hair, but remember, this is for a four year old:)

So that's it!  Next up is a unit of Continentals, who are just waiting for some sand on the bases and their undercoat before I get started.  Then the end is in sight... a unit of jaegers, a unit of militia, and a unit of rifles left to go!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

40mm AWI British Grenadiers finished

Hey all!

Well, the latest unit for my son's Christmas present is done!  This time it is the unit of British Grenadiers.

I know there might be a mistake or two, but these are my first AWI units and I really am not always sure what I am looking at with these uniforms!

The figures are from Trident Miniatures, and the wonderful flags are from, as usual, The Flag Dude!

Here are the first two British units done.  Next up for them?  The Hessian jaegers!  But I think the next thing I am painting is none other than George Washington himself!

Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Armada Space-Rocks Space Station and Debris Fields done!

Well, I finished up my space station and my two debris fields!

Above is the space station.  I did a bunch of panels in different colors, but unfortunately they didn't come out in the picture.  A bit of brown wash here and there to age it a little, and voila!

Here are the two debris fields... the one on the left has a destroyed CR90 and piece of a Victory Star Destroyer, and the one on the right a destroyed Nebulon B frigate and the front of a Victory Star Destroyer.  I also put in a TIE Advanced on the left, and an X-Wing on the right.

Here is the second debris field.

And here is the first one, with the CR90.

And finally, here is a big "THROW EVERYTHING IN A PHOTO!" mess of a photo!:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Workbench - 40mm AWI Grenadiers

Hey all!

Well, here is another WIP of my 40mm AWI British Grenadiers for my son for Christmas!

A little more work to do on them, but I'd say they are 90 percent done.

A preview of the Space Rocks Debris Fields... eye candy!

Hey all!

Well, I thought I would post a quick photo that includes one of the finished debris fields!

Next up, the next field, and then the space station, and voila!  Then time to order another set!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Added a Space Slug to my Space Rocks Armada asteroids

Hey all!

Well, after someone mentioned it over on the Armada forum, here is my new addition to my Space Rocks terrain... a space slug, poking out of one of the larger asteroids!  I hope I kept him in some sort of reasonable scale compared to the terrain itself... I know he is smaller than the movie version, but that's fine... plenty of space slugs aren't that big!

I think it turned out okay?  Still needs a matt varnish, so I'll post another shot when it is varnished.  Still have the debris fields to share... one is done, and if I may say, it looks pretty hot:)

Thanks for coming by!