Saturday, November 14, 2009

Post 300!

Huzzah! Post 300!

I've really enjoyed keeping this blog. Many years ago when I first heard about this site, I totally thought "Ohhh I would enjoy blogging... keeping active records, sharing, and talking with people is right up my alley!"

Unfortunately my old computer had problems and I never took the time to solve them! But when I moved to my new house, I found myself suddenly able to access blogspot, and the rest is history!

Anyway... I've really enjoyed blogging, and I hope that people have enjoyed the blogging as well...
I have to say, blogging has been really useful and fun for a few reasons!

First, of course, it is great fun to show my toys to other people!:) I only have a single friend who shares the hobby, and we don't see each other as often as we'd like, so it IS nice to be able to show my recent work to folks, and to get feedback.

Secondly, it is also nice to be able to track my own work... I love being able to go back and look at blog entries from some time ago and see where I was... I love seeing stuff sitting in the background of a photo of the workbench, knowing those figures are now finished and sitting in their rightful spot in my cabinets.

Lastly, the blog also represents my own contribution to "more toy soldier eye candy on the web." I can remember so clearly the many evenings I'd be slightly bored, heading towards sleep, and just doing a few searches for toy soldiers... and I can remember when I would find a fantastic site I had never seen before, but which was full of great photos! I hope that somewhere, someday, my blog can be that for someone else.
Anyway... good times! Later today, my Fall In 2009 converage ends with a look at my purchases!
(Just so folks know, it counts 300 including drafts and such. Just roll with it.)


sirlarkins said...

Thanks for all the posts! I don't often comment, but I always enjoy checking out the "eye candy" you put up here. Great stuff! Here's to another 300!

Gunfreak said...

Love your blog,
And I got it linked to it at my blog

JAM said...

Congratulations. I have always enjoyed your blog.