Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All packed up for Fall In... please come introduce yourself!

Hey all!

, I am finally all packed up for Fall In! Phew, it took a bit longer than I thought it would. Four boxes of miniatures (only two seen here) along with two boxes of scenery, a box of trees and shrubs, flock, and a host of other stuff!

One thing I am bringing is a bunch of copies of my small scale Nappy rules, Brigades and Bearskins. Each player will get a folder, inside of which will be the following:

1) The full set of rules
2) The "crib sheet" of the essential tables and info, all nicely laminated
3) A movement/firing stick measured to 3 and 6 inches (close and long range shooting, advance and charge speed for infantry.)

But of course, the heart of the show is the miniatures! Two huge boxes full, and then another two smaller boxes jam packed... and half of the Prussian army is being left behind!

Also... I am hosting my Napoleonic game in the main hall, table IKE15, on Saturday evening at 6:00 PM... as this will likely be my last Fall In, I'd love for folks who read the blog to come by and say hi... would be great to meet some fellow wargamers!


Yitu said...

Sorry, wrong region ;)



Coyote said...

Sigh, sometimes I wish I was rich enough to fly around and go to all these conventions.


DeanM said...

What scale/size are those Napoleonics? I may have missed it - sorry. Also, why will this be your last Fall In? Regards, Dean

Oh, forgot to add - impressive amount of nicely painted figures.

Author said...

The Nappies are 10mm... hence so many able to be fit in one box!:D

I think this will be my last Fall In because honestly I don't GAME much... I go as much for Gettysburg as anything else. The idea of hanging around Lancaster or wherever just doesn't really interest me:(

Sorry you guys aren't close enough to make it!:)

lesterribles said...

Lord Ashram,

Knew you from the old Lord's site as well as JMM's Grognards...

Appreciate the fine work you display...your efforts are appreciated!