Friday, November 27, 2009

My current flags...

Hey all!

Well, as I mentioned in my last blog entry, I've been working on cleaning up the War Room. There had been purchases and acquisitions and moving of troops, and I never really reorganized, but instead just stuck them all where ever I could find room... and now I've got to undo all that mess!

I haven't been able to finish it recently as work has been overwhelming, but with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us I've had a bit of breathing room, and one of the things I did was stick all my flags in a new piece of foam... and having done that, I thought I would take a picture, because, let's face it, flags rock!

All my flags are from Rick O'Brien (you can find his link on the left there.) Currently I have the following flags ready for regiments...

* A few 15mm ACW flags
* Two 25mm Napoleonic Russian infantry flags
* One set of 25mm Napoleonic Austrian flags, and then an individual flag for some grenadiers
* A 25mm Napoleonic Russian cossack flag
* A few 25mm ACW Confederate flags (including a Louisiana flag, which I love.)
* A 25mm AWI British flag, intended for my bears.
* A set of 25mm ACW Federal flags.

Can't wait until they all have homes... and I can buy some more flags!:D

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