Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall In 2009 - Games I Played!

Hey all!

Here is Part 2 of my Fall In "coverage," such as it is... photos from the two games I played!

I have actually never played any games before at Fall In with other folks... a buddy and I would play two man games, but I had never ventured out of that before. This being my last Fall In, I figured I would finally break out and try my hand at other games!

With some suggestions and guidance from folks over at
The Miniatures Page, I picked out two games... first, a 40mm AWI game put on by Dave Bonk, and then a 15mm Napoleonic game put on by Sam Mustafa.

First up... AWI! The game was on Friday night, and while at first I had my reservations about 40mm (a bit larger than I normally game with) that was quickly put out of my head. The game was beautiful! A heavily flocked table formed a nice base, and some simple fake teddy bear fur fields and some basic fences really went a long way towards making the table look great. It was a six vs. six game, and while it felt like a tough, uphill climb as the Americans attacking a pretty scary looking British force, we managed to largely contain one of their flanks while rolling up the other! Some terrible luck on our left flank notwithstanding, we still managed to pull off a minor victory!

Overall the game was fun. It seemed to me to be a VERY quiet group (and a few observers commented on it also) compared to most games, but still fun. I enjoyed some aspects of the computer-moderated game (Carnage and Glory,) but I must admit that on more than one occasion I went to cheer on a teammate, only to realize that we weren't really rolling anything, so I was just cheering on a computer! A bit strange, for sure... and I wonder if that had anything to do with the extremely laid back game?
Anyway... here is a bit of eye candy from game one!

So then, after Dave's beautiful game, I had Sam Mustafa's 15mm Napoleonic debut of his new rules set, Lasalle! The book itself was rather nice looking, as seems to be the trend (and there are a few awful nice photos, including one of a French surgeon and another of a pretty sweet 10mm Napoleonic set up!) and the rules seemed pretty sharp, as one would expect. While the turn sequence is a bit "different" (first comes shooting, then close combat, then movement) the game itself seemed to move very well, and represented the era well.

I showed up five minutes late because I am an idiot and didn't see the game was at the All Star, but still got some troops, and along with another cavalry commander we managed to smash through the Austrian flank and, had things continued, I am sure we would have done well! Of course, Sam's figures were STUNNING, so I took a few (although not enough!) photos! Enjoy!

Coming up next... my game from Fall In 2009!


Gunfreak said...

Man that AWI battle was stunning, amazing figs and terrain, I wish I had a 20x6 table so I could do it.

My 4x7 isn't even enough for a 28mm awi battle

James said...

Gunfreak, try a 2x2. I use dots on a piece of paper to fight my battles.

Agreed though, nice looking games.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the way that the French hussar is looking off to his right - into the teeth of the Austrian battery, while the rest of the unit is charging into Austrian cav. Coincidence, yes, but it struck me as funny.

Author said...

*laugh* I didn't notice that!:) Very funny, indeed... thankfully the artillery did not cause much trouble in the end, although it is indeed a very precarious position...

Gun, I agree... my 4x6.5 is simply tiny when I put my 28s on it:( I have a buddy with a 5x10 that he HATES now because he thinks it feels so tiny!

Gunfreak said...

Yeah, I bought a $1000 worth of perry AWI, only to realise after painting half of them, thay my table was just to small

AD said...

Sweet pics; wish my AWI looked so good.