Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Workbench

Hey all!

Well, work has really picked up, so the fun has had to be put on hold... however, that doesn't mean EVERYTHING has ground to a halt!

I have started work on my wife's Christmas gift (or rather, one of her gifts) and so far, so good! It is an eight man... or rather, eight bear, unit of soldiers! I've gotten them all based up and ready to go, and I have almost finished my first example, just as a test... I have to say, it was a bunch of fun to paint, and I am super happy with how he has turned out so far!

Now I have only one real major question yet; to dip, or not to dip? Dipping certainly makes them look nice, but I almost wonder if NOT dipping will make them look MORE toy soldier? Opinions welcome!

Anyway... I'll get the rest done over the next month or so.

Also, I figured I would share a picture of the room of war... after getting back from Fall In, I decided I would have to pull everything out of storage and reorganize... it was getting just too messy, and driving me a little nuts! Of course, now it looks worse, but heck, it is a work in progress...


Vinnie said...

Nice work on the teddy Bears. I have a few of the Western Range in the past and painted them up for my nephew. They are a great range.


Gunfreak said...

I say don't dip, and make the officer or Sergant(if you got any)a polar bear, they are bigger and more carnivourus then brown bears

Author said...

I may indeed make the commander white... the only problem is that in a british uniform it might look funny, because there will only be two colors; red and white!

This will take a bit of thinking:(

abdul666 said...

Whit white facings, reversed coats will not solve your problem... Now,you can have white fur for the musicians and give them a lot of livery lace on their coats (evil grin...).

Will C said...

It honestly doesn't look like you need to dip them at all, you seem to have good blacklining already. If you really think it might help, paint another one as a tester.