Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall In 2009 - Stuff I Bought!

Hey all!

Whelp, here is the last in my four part series on Fall In... namely... what I bought!

Now, I am generally pretty frugal with conventions. I tend to roll with a rather serious buyer, however, so I've been around some pretty huge purchases... the biggest probably being the purchase of an entire collection, including terrain, from a well-known miniatures guy in the Gettysburg area... it was a biggie!

This Fall In was, compared to all the previous ones, a restrained affair. The collapsed economy has hit everyone, so this one was pretty restrained. But of course... SOME money had to get spent! So here is what I purchased!

First up... a jar of white paint from Howard Hues. No idea if the paints are any good, but heck, I'll give it a try... how bad can it be?

Next up... some flags from The Flag Dude, Rick O'Brien. I have tried to be pretty careful with my flag purchases, and generally don't have a ton of surplus. However, I knew I needed to pick a few up for the next few painting projects! I got a pair of flags for my 25mm Napoleonic Austrians and another for some Grenadiers from the same collection. Then I picked up some ACW flags (Confederate and Federal). Overall they should be enough to keep me going for a while!

Maybe the "steal of the show" was found at Acheson Creations. They do a lot of resin pieces, and I found some FANTASTIC 15mm redoubts and gabions... they are GREAT! Perfect for 15mm but totally usable for 10s as well, these pieces are nicely molded and SUPER cheap... fifty cents a section! For only 8 or 10 bucks I was able to buy everything I would need to make a very nice defensive position... and, in fact, 15mm ACW will likely be my next set up so I can get these boys on the table!

Here is a close up of some of the redoubt pieces along with some of the gabions... they look awful nice.

I also found some other FANTASTIC pieces at Acheson... these GREAT stacks of barrels and boxes, and a stone wall! These pieces were also only 50 cents each, and will look fantastic on some fancy movement trays with my Napoleonics and also scattered next to buildings... for fifty cents they are AMAZING. I have to say, these were maybe the best thing I bought at Fall In!

Next up... a relatively simple find at Battlefield Terrain Concepts. Now, generally I like the BTC stuff, but man, it is NOT cheap. However, this simple bridge was not terribly expensive, and quite frankly I needed it. I have nice 10mm streams and such, but I really did need a good looking stone bridge to use as an objective for games. I am looking forward to getting it all painted up... I bet it takes a drybrush like no ones business!

My most expensive purchase of the convention was a support purchase for my 25mm Napoleonic Russians. Like my French, my Russians were planned with having two "centerpieces." The first is the Blessing of the Pavlov Guard. The second was always intended to be a scene of French prisoners guarded by Russian guards. Well, with the release of the Perry French sitting on their packs, I knew it was time.

I made this little scene with two packs of Perry troops and a pack of 2nd edition Old Glory Russians. There will need to be a little converting done on the Russians to make them standing at attention, and I may move some of the Frenchmen around, but overall I like it... two circles of French soldiers, beaten, held back near the supplies of the Russian army... when the piece is all done it should look AWFUL sharp. And if I could figure out how to sculpt some great coats, it would be even better!

I also picked up a few things at the flea market this year.

First up... I lost my copy of Flames of War some time back, and figured I would grab another copy when I saw it for sale for only six bucks! Heck, for six bucks, why not? I also got the newest issue of White Dwarf for another three dollars, and two tiny little 10mm Napoleonic houses for a dollar. Not bad for ten bucks at the flea market!

Finally, I did get one more thing... a combo of Eureka Miniatures and Flag Dude flag... namely, this group of teddy bears! Having first seen them on Der Alte Fritz's blog, these guys were purchased and will be painted up as a Christmas present for the wife. They will be painted up as British troops (hence the flag) and I do hope that she likes them!

So... that is what I bought at Fall In 2009! I'd love to hear what purchases other folks made... it is always neat to hear about it!


Der Alte Fritz said...

It looks like you made some nice purchases at Fall In. Quite a bargain on the FoW book, I would say. You will enjoy painting the Teddy Bears. I recently bought some Bear Cavalry on rocking horses and I will need to finish them before Xmas for Lady Emma Cuddleston-Smythe.

Foundry has a Perry sculpted vignette of Austrian prisoners that you might be interested in.

Bruno said...

Nice purchases for nice projects, but it seems to me the FoW ruleset you get is the old first edition, not the current second one... I hope it's OK for you.

Author said...

Yeah, I am really looking forward to doing the bears. I am a bit torn as far as do I want to do them all the same brown, or shades? Do I want to do a panda bear in there?

2nd edition?! FTW?! I didn't even KNOW there was a second edition!

*sigh* Oh well; I just bought them to read, not to play, so they are still fine for that I suppose!

Greg Sapara said...

Some nice purchases - enjoy them!

Craig at Acheson is a great guy - very open to customer input. And you can't beat his prices!

Howard Hues paints - my judgement is still out on them, but I purchased Union Blue, Pants Blue, and Rebel Butternut from them a couple of cons ago, and find their covering power to be somewhat limited. Especially the butternut, which is way to orange-ey to look real. The pants blue is fine, however.

Les Grognards said...

Sorry I missed your DEMO game.

My Coup was a full HOVELS 25MM LA HAYE SAINTE and HOUGOUMONT! I also got a second edition Flames of War for $8.00. Sorry about that my son wanted it though not me. I posted pics of Hougoumont at (See Fall-In and the LASALLE DEMO in photo album if interested?;