Wednesday, September 17, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Blessing of the Pavlov Guard

Well, I've had a lot of Civil War recently (the Federal collection and Fall In plans) and a lot of fantasy stuff (the Lord of the Rings and the Middenheim stuff)... so I thought it was time to bring back the real crown Jewel, the 25mm Napoleonic stuff, and the top of the collection... my 25mm Napoleonic Russian armies. What better piece to show than the Blessing of the Pavlov Guard?

In my current design plan phase of my life, I collect my armies such that they are functional. But I also like to collect for the art of collecting, and I have, in my Napoleonic collection, a series of "centerpiece" pieces for my armies. These pieces are usually of a neat military scene or piece of equipment or a set scene that has no "immediate" value in a tabletop wargame, but is still a real nice piece. The French army has two; the Surgeon, and the Blacksmith. The Austrians... I am still not sure for them. The Russians? Well, they will get some Guards guarding French prisoners, and this piece; the Blessing of the Pavlov Guards as they march to war!

The Pavlovs are, of course, a favorite among Russian miniature collectors. I knew my army would not be large
enough to justify a unit of these traditional favorites, and I couldn't even find any Pavlovs in greatcoats that I liked, but... how can you do Napoleonic Russians and NOT have them?

So, I compromised. Rather that a full unit of 32, I decided to go with just 16 guys on a display base, a scene of a
rabid priest blessing the men as they march to war. I found a good Pavlov officer, who was doffing his cap, and a mounted officer, doing the same, both from Foundry. The Priest is another Foundry fellow, from their Cossacks range, cross firmly in "I AM BLESSING YOU!" position towards the troops. I tried to keep the various lines-of-sight in the piece correct... both officers and the men on the front and front right of the column looking at the priest, with the men whom the mounted officer just passed looking at him. The end of the column? Either hasn't seen the priest yet, and doesn't much care more than a second an officer canters past... they have a lot of miles to march!

All the figures are magnetized, and are removable. The priest is mounted as a single figure and so can fit in other places as well, the mounted officer on a
standard cavalry stand, and the Pavlovs mounted in 4s, so you could even use them in other places if you want.

Hope everyone likes it... it is my favorite of the current centerpieces:)

All figures courtesy of Foundry!


Snickering Corpses said...

This is a very neat piece. I'm quite impressed by it. An inventive way of handling things. Well done.

Tony said...

This vignette looks great - very well done.


paulalba said...

Very nice,
Yes you are right how can you do Napoleonic Russians and not have any Pavlov's?

Author said...

Thanks for coming by man, and for the kind comments... and yeah, everyone needs some Pavlovs!:)