Monday, September 1, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Army General

I have decided that I will indeed mix up the collections, rather than focus on one all at a time, so that fans of different scales and periods all have something for them at... The House of War!

So... let us start with my 25mm Napoleonic Russians!

I built the Russian collection to mirror my French collection. Same officer layout, same types of movement trays,
same "centerpiece" idea, same general breakdown. This Russian General was made to match the French Marshal; the only difference is exchanging the manservant for a Cossack bodyguard! The entire Russian collection is also magnetized, making transport a breeze; I may have to retro-magnetize my French army for ease of transport.

A combo of Foundry Russians, Cossacks, and the Sheepdog (painted to look like a Briard) make up this command set. The general at the front is clearly the boss, motioning to his men, while his two adjuncts behind him watch and point out it might be safer for the General to be further to the rear!

If desired, you can actually rotate the Cossack out and replace him with my Priest from the Pavlov Guard centerpiece, if you are feeling particularly religious.

As mentioned, all figures courtesy of Foundry.

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