Saturday, September 6, 2008

15mm ACW - Reclaiming old figures for Fall In

Hello all,

A buddy and I plan to do a 15mm ACW game down at Fall In, and wanted to expand the armies a bit. Well, I grabbed a few of my old 15mm ACW collection... it is maybe 15 or so units a side, with 40 men per unit. I thought I would see if I could reclaim them, with a little paint and a rebasing, for the current collection!

So far... not sure. The old figures (on the right) are from Stone Mountain, and they simply are not as nice as the Battle Honors guys (on the left.) The proportions are off... also, the blues don't match exactly; I'll have to tone the Stone Mountain blue down a bit, it didn't look so bright to the naked eye. However... if I made entire units of them, would they stand out? I am not sure; opinions welcome!

Figures on the left courtesy of Battle Honors, on the right, Stone Mountain.

Below is a shot of my three groups. At the left, my most current 15mm ACW troops. Center, the reclaimed troops. Far right; my old school troops.

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