Sunday, September 7, 2008

25mm Nap. Russians - Infantry 1

Time for some more 25mm Napoleonics!

This time I wanted to post the first of my four units of regular Russian infantry. In my head I always envision the Russians attacking in huge hordes, so I decided to go with units of 32... plus, that is how the Foundry army packs come! Also I wanted all of my Russian infantry to be in greatcoats; again, I feel like the image of Russians in my head is always freezing cold, so I wanted the Russian army to reflect that.

I know a few people have said they thought Russian overcoats should be grey;
however, I've found a few references to brownish colors and decided to go with this, to give the Russian army an overall earthy, muddy, natural look. My grenadiers are in grey, but the regular infantry are all in brown!

Flags are, as always, courtesy of Rick "The Flag Dude" O'Brien.

Figures courtesy of Foundry.

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