Monday, September 29, 2008

The Workbench

Hey all! Remember this girl? Well, I finally got the men she is about to kill all painted up, and started in on the base!

The idea is she is an assassin, and is going to kill the Yakuza-looking fellow in the suit. He has two bodyguards who will do everything they can to stop that from happening.

The idea for the piece came from the fact that my college roomie and I did a
comic based on this for a magazine in college. A friend was the editor, said he could use eight pages... we said sure. A few things have changed (she had black hair in the comic, the body guards had guns and not swords in the comic) but generally the feeling is the same.

Some good news/bad news on these guys. Good news; they look pretty good. Bad news; I dipped them, and the dip REALLY screwed up the back of the guy on the right; you can see where I chipped away a bit. The damage is not good, and it will take some major repainting, I think, to get it looking right:(

Once I get the base all done I'll post some more photos as it gets close to
done! I still need to add a bunch of details, touch up the paint on one of the guards, add shadows to the whole thing, and whatever else pops up.

Below is a panel or two from the comic itself.

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