Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, I recently got in touch with my Irish side!

This meal was some bangers and mash. Picked up the bangers from Whole Foods... cooked them in a touch of oil in a skillet. When they were nicely browned on all sides I took them out and dumped in an onion, cut into rings, and a half-stick of butter. Sauteed the onion until golden brown, then added some beef gravy. Brought it to a boil for a minute to reduce it, then dumped the bangers back in and took the whole thing off the heat. Some homemade mash, and voila! Bangers and mash.

They were fantastic.

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David said...

Sounds delicious, but my arteries are protesting at even the thought of sausage in a half stick of butter!


PS very nice work on the Pavlov's guard piece. I also have sold off a nice Foundry Greek army, and though I got a good price for them, I'm still not sure it was worth saying goodbye.