Tuesday, September 30, 2008

15mm ACW - Federal Infantry 2

In honor of the upcoming Fall In, I thought I would get back to the 15mm ACW collection with a nice unit of infantry!

This is the second most popular Federal ACW unit, behind the most popular (the Irish Brigade; see my last ACW post!) and in front of the Iron Brigade:) The 14th Brooklyn is a nice unit for the Union side as it breaks up the usual dark blue/light blue routine. This is a nice unit, clearly in the midst of a firefight, with a few guys ready to bring the attack to the enemy. There are a few dead on the stands, and I made sure to include a dead man from this regiment in another regiment in my Federal army to tie it in.

Anyway... I'll get a few more shots of the 15mm ACW up soon, looking forward to Fall In

Figures by Battle Honors.

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