Saturday, September 6, 2008


Time for a bit more food; this time, my favorite breakfast: Steak and Eggs!

I do love beef. A good steak is untouchable, whether it be a nice lean filet or a nice marbled ribeye, they are
ALL delicious. Above is a shot of a tasty filet mignon I prepared for myself for breakfast a few weekends ago. It was lean and delicious, tender as butter. To the left is another Steak and Eggs from a short while back; this time with plenty of marbled fat to lend it greasy tastiness! Another success.

My eggs are simple. Three scrambled. Some heavy cream. Some finely chopped onion. A heaping handful of three types of shredded cheese as soon as it hits the pan.... and voila! Deliciousness.

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Gunfreak said...

I can feel my arteries klogg up just by looking at the pics.

I to am a Steak man, eventho I can't realy afort it now that I live on my own, a good steak can cost anywere from $10 for a small one to 20 for a decent one