Thursday, September 25, 2008

15mm WWII - Entrenched German 88s

I thought it was time to bring back a little more 15mm WWII. This time; that scourge of the battlefield, and possibly the most dangerous weapon in the German army; the 88mm gun.

I actually have four 88s in my army; this pair is entrenched, to keep in style with the rest of my army. Both stands have men running around them operating the guns, and even a few guards. I left the dirt at the front of the stands brown, to represent where it has been all dug up and thrown in front. I tried to paint the sandbags to match the rest of the force.

I do not have the command stands for this group in this shot; for some reason I seem to have only one set of command for all my 88s, so I'll show them with the other pair.

Figures from Battlefront!

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