Saturday, September 27, 2008

25mm Napoleonic Russian Army

Well, I cleared the French, and thought I would get a few group shots of the Russians, who have never really been seen here that much before!:)

The Russian collection is roughly 65% complete... two more big blocks of infantry (including a unit of Guard that is half done,) 12 cossack lancers, three more guns with limbers and an ammo cart, three more foot officers, and the diorama of the Russians capturing some French. Then, they are done.

That's a lot:)

Anyway.... here they are. They are, I think, the most nicely painted of my collections, and being the most recent I think my stuff has just gotten better and better over the last few years.

I actually have this post scheduled to be posting on a timer this weekend, as I am away... I hope it works. Even being away doesn't keep me away from the wargames blog!:)

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