Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Warhammer Elector Count

I am, as I mentioned in a few other posts, selling my Warhammer Empire army. My Middenheim army, which is around 5000 points (not sure about the latest edition of Warhammer) is a biggie, and I've had it for years... in fact, it was my first big, complete army.

However, while I am selling the army, I think I am holding onto my General, an Elector Count mounted on a Griffon. He was always my favorite, one of my best old-school paint jobs, and I thought he would always remind me of the army. The tiger pattern turned out pretty good, and I think his armor looks appropriately ornate. The dip worked nicely on the wings of the griffon. Plus, I just put him on his cool new base!

But anyway... I am not convinced that I should keep him. Part of me wants to just throw him into the auction as an added, free bonus, so that the General isn't removed from his men! But at the same time... I feel like that is not only a bit wasteful (I could get some money for him) but also I would really miss him, and would love to keep him as a final reminder of the army itself, my first biggie!

So... I figured I would post him here! So... sorry to the historical folks for TWO fantasty posts in the last two weeks...

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