Saturday, November 28, 2009

Continued work on the 15mm ACW table...

Okay, more work has been done... the forests are, generally, down, and I've begun hedging and fencing... I tried to define a few roads despite not having road pieces for them (far corner, and then around the bridge) and we'll see how that looks. I put the undercoated bridge and fortress pieces on the table as well, to get an idea of how they will look... below is a close up of the fort pieces! If anyone who is more knowledgeable about fort layout wants to make suggestions, I would gladly take them! Should there NOT be so many fences and such right near the fort? Would they clear more space? Or is it possible that there WOULD be farmland right near it?


Anon said...

To my astonishment not many people seem to leave comments on your blog. Your War Room and gaming table must be the envy of quite a few wargamers, due in no small measure to the time and loving care that have obviously gone into it. I have no particular knowledge of ACW fortifications and can't help you there, but allow me to recommend you for the judicious use of colour in your set-ups. Would you care to tell us how you prepared and/or painted the canvas that serves as your base of operations? For it is a canvas, isn't it? I myself have had some excellent results with latex kit and flocking.


Anon said...
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Author said...


Thanks so much for the kind words... I often post links on The Miniatures Page, so a lot of people comment there... personally if it was up to me, everyone who looked would comment... I love talking toy soldiers!:D

As for the table, it is a simple green felt, which I then sprinkle a nice amount of flock over. Very simple! When I am done I just grab a dust buster and vacuum all of the flock up. Honestly it works very well, and it is very helpful in disguising the edges of scenery pieces well.

Anyway, thanks for coming by, and for the kind words! If you haven't been around before, do feel free to search back through the blog; I have tried to include a lot of eye candy over the last couple of years!:D

Gunfreak said...

You realy do have to start with AWI.
You could do it in 15mm so you could use almost the exact same terrain as ACW

Author said...

It would be awful nice to do AWI...:)

Honestly, two things about AWI...

First, I really would rather do it in a bigger scale than 15s... I would love to do 25, or 40s... I just feel like it shows that era off nicely.

Second... I am out of room!:D Plus I have so many figures waiting for paint I am not sure I can justify it:(

Gunfreak said...

I agree AWI realy need 28s or bigger.

The exeption would be if AB did 18mm in the same quality as their napoleinc, their stuff looks just as good as 28.

But the OG and BH 15mm just don't do the uniforms jusise.

I know you got a lot of figs to paint, so do I, but AWI is a must for us horse and musket guys. so diffrent and uniqe gameplay